Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago – Giordano’s vs. Lou Malnati’s Deeper Divide

I’m back from my trip in the mid-West from last month. What is Chicago known for in general? Architecture? The wind? The Cubs? And yes, the infamous deep dish pizza. Since we were in Chicago, we needed to try the pizza.

So much debate over deep dish pizza. Do you go with Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s? So many decisions to be made.

My Chicago host really advertised the Lou Malnati’s like no tomorrow. However some of her local peeps disagreed and said to take me to  Giordano’s. So much food pressure on a deep dish pizza place. If you’re from out of town, you gotta try THE BEST place. Not #10, not #9, not #8, not #2 … it has to be #1. Numero uno!

When we arrived at Lou Malnati’s, they had an assortment of dishes but we knew what we came here for. No pasta, no salad but the classic deep dish pizza. When the pizza arrived, I was super excited and Lou Malnati’s pizza crust reminds me of Pizza Hut but thinner crust and definitely non-greasy. We had a full version of the pizza so the real meal full deal as my Chicago host really likes it. And a knife and fork is recommended when eating the pizza. Lou Malnati’s has a great sauce which stood out for me. If you’re into pizza sauces, Lou Matnati’s is your place.

Also, this video shows you how serious and perfect the cheese pull is in Chicago. Check out the video!

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Being the foodie, I really wanted to try both in my time there. Crazy, I know. Luckily I had the chance when I got to watch a Chicago Cubs baseball game. They had personal sized pizzas so the stars align for me. I personally like Giordano’s more as the crust is more doughy and the cheese pull off the pizza is out of this world. Like seriously. The pizza crust is stuffed. I am a cheese lover so Giordano’s wins on this pizza adventure.

If you ever visit Chicago, you MUST try the deep dish pizza. Or be like me and try all the (food) places and compare. 😛

Until next time. 🙂

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