The Victor – Parq Vancouver in Yaletown – Dine Out Vancouver 2018 : Steakhouse, seafood and cocktails

First off, a very happy late new year in 2018! I know it’s February but it’s never too late.

There’s a new casino in Yaletown/downtown Vancouver called The Parq. Does it live to Vegas-style with the food? There’s a lot of restaurants inside to check  it out. What better way to document by visiting The Victor at Parq Vancouver.

Located at 39 Smithe Street in Yaletown of Vancouver, this modern Pacific Northwest seafood / steakhouse describes Vancouver’s fine dining food scene. This restaurant has a rooftop that views Science World over False Creek and feels very Vancouver with the downtown skyline with the mountains in the background. Here’s a bonus: this place is kid friendly. 🙂

I believe The Victor opened sometime in January this year so in 2018 or in mid-December of last year so it’s been opened for less than two months.

It wasn’t my first time at The Parq and I had to ask for directions on where the Victor was located. The concierge was super helpful and walked me the elevator. I originally went towards Honey & Salt..If you want to hear about Honey & Salt at The Parq. You can read about it very soon. We did visit when it opened this past fall. Maybe you’ll see a post sometime this month.

After we exited the elevator and walked towards the restaurant, you definitely know you come here for the atmosphere and ambiance.

My first initial thought was that I needed to visit again in the summer while enjoying the rooftop patio views of downtown Vancouver.

When you open the door, you see creepy bugs and blood on the walls. That is not the type of decor I’m into but it sure got my attention. Here`s the photo for your judgment.

There’s a bar (of course) and a dining area. They just opened and I also noticed the sushi bar at the back of the restaurant. We happen to visit during Dine Out Vancouver and after browsing through the regular menu, I opted for the Dine Out menu. You get to try the “best” features at the restaurant so why not? As you walk through the restaurants, you forget about the bugs and see classy seats.

Also, browsed through the drinks menu and I saw they had a “French 75” version on the cocktail menu. However, we were not dining for a celebration. We were out to check out the food and catch up in real life. Otherwise, would have ordered the “French smash” with the champagne and bubbly. We’ll save it for another celebratory day.

The ingredients on the cocktail menu was easy to read and they had a good selection that meets everyone’s needs. From diplomatic to not-so-diplomatic cocktails, they have it covered on the type of mood you’re looking for.

I asked the server if the All is Fair is a good choice and he said yes so I trusted his judgement. I strongly recommend the All is Fair if you want to start the evening with a not-so-diplomatic cocktail.

Another good cocktail is the amaro on fire, which is basically when Italy and Mexico meet. It’s very refreshing since it contains tequila and lemon. It is the perfect drink on a rainy day. It’s just sunnier inside. 🙂

Below is what contains in the tasty cocktails from their website and bolded the favourites.

  • All is fair – bulleit bourbon, amaro montenegro, sweet vermouth, cherry & aromatic bitters
  • Amaro on fire – cazadores blanco tequila, triple sec laphroaig 10yr, agave nectar, lemon

Also, sampled the following as we were in a group:

  • Emperor’s sour – empress 1908 gin, lavender syrup lemon juice, creme de violette
  • Any last words – sombra mezcal, luxardo maraschino, green chartreuse, lime, creme de violette
  • Rational decisions – bulleit rye, fig syrup, noilly pratt dry, lemon juice, cracked pepper (I’m not so sure on the cracked pepper at the top. It’s rather different.)
I did ask about the Smoke & Oak and the server said it was boring and told me to stick with my choices. Gin with olives? It’s probably too boring for me, I suppose. And they’re absolutely right.
I started with the lobster bisque and it was slightly salty but we were there for the experience. They place the lobster in your bowl and then add a gravy-like texture of bisque. At least you know how much lobster was given – ha.
Back to the food, most of us went for the sirloin. Is the food Insta-worthy like Botanist ? It has a safe-nice Pacific West coast presentation. You can’t compare the two, even though they are fancy.

The potato gratin was so buttery and the cheese was a nice touch. Butter is the best. I could have eaten two of those so easily. Butter and cheese goodness.

For dessert, the chocolate mousse was very rich. After two bites of it, I was ready to enjoy the Eton Mess dessert. If you’re a chocolate fan, you’ll love it since it’s dark chocolate.
The Eton Mess had variety and contained raspberry, banana, vanilla, custard, sponge cake, cream & meringue. I like the balance between the vanilla, custard, sponge cake and cream. And you don’t have the repeat the food order again for the fifth or sixth bite. The meringue was there for presentation.
The service at The Victor was perfect and I’m a firm believer if you are in a happy, talkative mood, it’ll reflect back. They were super attentive and even gave us another Japanese buttermilk bread with the caramelized onion on top and that butter on the side.
A BIG YAS. Yes, it’s complimentary but they got another one out since we were in a good mood on Saturday evening. Free buttermilk bread with caramelized onions – Japanese style?!
Kindness goes a long way, I tell you. This place is very hard to get into so good luck making reservations. And be nice!
P.S. – If you managed to read here. Things keep changing (outside of the blog world) and been a full year of blogging so happy anniversary! We’ll see what happens in 2018 and a BIG thank you for reading! 🙂
What do you think the focus should be? I see many Instagram bloggers out there and they take fantastic photos. Or how about the ones that need to visit a place where the food is Insta-worthy but the food isn’t so great.
Send me an email if you have any ideas.

If I don’t manage to post from now til February 14th, happy (early) Valentine’s day. <3 May you have lots of lovely treats and spend time with your love.

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