Italian at Di Beppe in Gastown of Vancouver

It’s been a hectic year, 2017. Can time please slow down so I can relax a little? I am ready for 2018.

Di Beppe has been on my radar since the early fall. It’s like waiting for a new exciting game but you need to patiently wait for the release/opening of a new restaurant.

We went to visit Di Beppe during the first couple of days of opening so opening week this month. (Yup, I’m behind on posting.)

When we arrived, we went through the Di Beppe Caffè doors and then into the restaurant. Ha – we didn’t know where the entrance was or really, we weren’t paying attention. It can be both too. 🙂

This place is so new that is opened on December 6 and as of now, they are still working on their website too. And it’s four days until Christmas.

This is the same location as Joe’s Pizza. Located in the Gastown/Downtown Eastside area of Vancouver at 2 West Cordova, this cozy, casual-dining Italian restaurant is from the same group as the lovely Ask for Luigi. But they have pizza too and a nice cafe next door if you need coffee too.

You can read about the Ask for Luigi experience here. There’s just something about a casual restaurant while having a good meal along with it. And a big yes to cocktails too.

When you arrive into the restaurant (and not the cafe), you’ll notice the interior design of Italian and not hipster vibe.

Seems like all the new restaurant openings this year were from the same chain this year. Will Di Beppe meet the expectations of Ask for Luigi?

For starters, it’s situated in the Gastown area so you have an idea on what the atmosphere is like.

We sat at the corner table so had the perfect view of the restaurant. From the bar, tables to the windows fogging up. This is what the atmosphere is going to be like on an earlier Saturday evening. This is the place for Italian cocktails and pasta in a cozy setting but Vancouver-style.

As I mentioned before for Ask for Luigi, this caters to the food conscious aka. sensitive foodies. You can taste the ingredients in the food and is not your typical heavy Italian meal. Again, I love that they make their own pasta in-house. I feel that Di Beppe is Gastown version for Italian dining.

Originally we were going to have an appetizer and then decided to go straight to the main pasta and not pizza.  And we did not order dessert at the end since we had another (food) place to attend. Below is what we ordered:

Carbonara on house-made spaghetti. The spaghetti is on the thicker side than the conventional spaghetti noodle but it’s still good.

The house special pasta pie got our attention. Look at the different layers of noodles along with meats. And of course with an egg too. It`s like a fancy lasagna, right?

Overall, Di Beppe is a Gastown version of Ask for Luigi but prefer going to the original location. The little cookies at the end was a nice treat since we didn’t order dessert on this trip.

I suspect Di Beppe will become very busy in 2018 as they’re kinda under the radar right now in the food world. I love pasta and can’t help but notice a new Italian place in town!

So what will entail in 2018 food-wise? Will the same group just open more like this year? Or will a new batch of places will appear and change things?

Merry Christmas and see you in the new year! All the best in 2018. 🙂

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