2017 year (food) reflection in Vancouver

Well, hello! It’s been a full year of blogging. Last year was a quarter year into blogging, learning, meeting people and building things.

Not sure how I found the motivation to create a blog last year and then this year, even find the time to make a little website to share my food experiences. It helps with the support from everyone. ❤️

Do you know how much work is involved? Hence why I was hesitant at first. From a name, domain, technical maintenance, analytics, content, theme, personal brand and the list goes on.

And the level of seriousness. Is this a journal? To answer, this blog isn’t a journal. The majority of (food) adventures do not make the cut due to food experience or me being overly busy for some odd reason. Or the food trip was basically, boring. I hope by now, you’ll know when I approve a place based on the level of detail.

And I don’t believe in ratings. It’s rather subjective, too.

Some other things to consider too. What happens if you start tapering off and goodbye? Or how about those that steal your writing and photos. Uh oh. I dare you to try copying from here. I’ll take it as a compliment. 😉

All of those are fair points. We’ve all seen the types of blogs out there. Some are good and some are flat out terrible to read.

Do you come with a cheesy name or develop something that works for you. And the level of care in blogging (if you have a passion for it).

I know because it’s somewhat related to my (real) life and am fully aware of it. It does comes in handy to have a background so you can smoothly get started. What’s my real life like? You can contact me through here.

So far it’s been amazing (and kind of cool) to have people say they’ve seen you (online) when you bump into people in various social circles.

With the unusual hot summer, it was definitely the year of the ice cream. Below is a list of places that made the blog this year and bolded the top favourites (in no particular order) for 2017:

Remember how I mentioned earlier that I’ll try to share about myself, rather than be a mystery person. Here you go …

As for reflecting over the years on what’s happening in my own (real) life … 2016 was an absolute blur, on taking risks and rebuilding life. And letting go of things and more even things in 2017. Is it scary to let go? Absolutely.

Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture and see how it will shape you as a person for the better and then you’ll find true meaning and be at peace. The unpleasant and not-so-sure things can disappear! The uncaring things can leave. 😊

Reflecting on 2017, it just kept on surprising me every month, to be honest. 2017 was overwhelming, focusing on determination and building momentum in life. I feel like I’m FULLY back, like at 90%. And trust me, it feels great and a HUGE victory! It took some time but and viola, here I am.

And moving on to bigger and better things all around and sharing those special moments with the best people.

I am an in-real-life energizer bunny (at times). I keep going and going. 🐰 Don’t get me too excited! Somehow I will surpass your energy level, just saying. 😊

I’m very grateful to be surrounded with good, positive, honest people in my life. ❤️ You really are who you are based on the type of people you associate yourself with.

I totally associate myself with ice cream if you’re talking about food. We have history. 🍦

If you managed to read this area of the post, I appreciate it. We’ll see what 2018 has in the future for all of us.

I can’t wait to read and see what you’re all up to digitally through blogging and the Instagram world. You can find me at Instagram, @carealot.

Sharing is caring, right?

Time to sparkle and glam on! Keep it up! It’s exactly two weeks until Christmas. From the bottom of my heart, hope you have a Merry Christmas, fantastic new year and a very happy 2018.❣️❤️

P.S. – The de Deppe opened on Wednesday and we went this past weekend. They are the same owners as Ask for Luigi, you know how I feel about that place. I’ll share the adventure sometime soon. Right now, it’s time to celebrate 2017!

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