Burgers at Bells and Whistles in Fraserhood, Vancouver

Every day when I drive to/from my day job (yes, I do work), Bells and Whistles has been on my to-do (food) list before its opening.

From the construction, reading online, seeing signage and etc. – this is a burger place so yes! For over a month now, I’m getting very familiar with the Fraserhood and Fairview food area. It’s like seeing an array of shining restaurants during your every day commute.

It’s been a week since Bells and Whistles opened in East Vancouver. I often ponder if I should visit a place when they’re sorting out their routine with its operations. Or do you wait? Remember the experience at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka when it initially opened? (I love that place.)

Sometimes you have to go when it fits your schedule, not theirs. We happen to be in the area so thought to cross it off the (food) list. Why not?

Located at 3296 Fraser Street in the Fraserhood area of Vancouver, this 125 seat restaurant defines East Vancouver with its hipster, plaid-loving, skinny jeans, local vibe. It is also family friendly.

When you open the door, it has three sections:  dining (regular seating and picnic style benches), bar and a small games room. And couple of TV screens for watching sports. It was very loud in the room and there was no important game happening. Let’s be real, it’s October sports fans.

We live in a society where we research before we go. I knew I was going to get a burger after a short (and yet) very long work week. It was a toss-up on the classic or fancy burger.

I’m usually a classic burger type, cheese, lettuce, tomato and some not-so-secret tangy sauce but somehow I felt I wanted a fancy burger. I mean, it had thyme roasted mushrooms & onions, goat cheese, truffle & basil aioli, alfalfa sprouts, and tomato. Even the server suggested “to go with the fancy.” Okay, maybe I will then!

Cheering to the weekend with a burger – breakfast and fancy burger

My friend got the breakfast burger – that burger had maple sausage pork patty, American cheese, hash browns, secret sauce, and fried egg.

Being a foodie, there is an unwritten rule that you do not get the same food item. If you do, it’s probably with your BFF (best food friend) but the chances are very unlikely.

Instead of getting dessert, we upgraded with onion rings. That was a tough decision, they had ice cream too. To compensate, I paired with a porter. Porters are similar to dessert, it’s in a drinkable format. Remember porters are dark, creamy and rich, just like ice cream.

All the food is served on a plastic cafeteria style-board. Some people may be judgey but I really go for the food. The burgers definitely don’t disappoint at B&W.  If you want to find a place that’s burger and local craft beer heavy, this is your best bet.

The onion rings were great and the tangy honey mustard was a nice added touch instead of the regular ketchup at other establishments. They were not heavy and crispy on the outside and the onion is soft inside. The batter had a good consistency, seasoning and flavouring where you can taste the onion inside.

Fraserhood is one of my favourite food areas. There’s a good hole in a wall Vietnamese place, Pizza Carano, a local pizza with Italian roots, that famous French place, Starbucks, couple of cafes for lazy afternoons and most importantly, a very famous local ice cream place. All in one area, how convenient.

Somehow we dodged the food rush on this trip and at our other catch up place. The other place is also buddies with Bells and Whistles. B&W is the same group as Wildebeest, Bufala, and Lucky Taco. Maybe that’s why their faces are familiar. It’s called a food community for a reason.

I will forward to the Soup Sisters new cookbook launch next month. They are launching across Canada through Penguin Random House. Until next time! 🙂

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