Where is the ice cream truck? The Praguery in Vancouver

It`s October, where does the time go?

Every year, there seems to be a theme for food. With the extreme dry summer here on the west coast, it’s safe to say that this year is the year of the ice cream. Running for ice cream sounds very enticing, am I right? I mean it in a literal and metaphoric way.

The food truck scene is continually growing, I often find that food trucks are either a hit or miss, especially in Vancouver. The food trucks in Portland, LA and New York are outstanding. Street food is THE BEST.

When you see a line of food trucks, which one do you choose? Do you go to the most Insta-worthy? Or the most adventurous food? Or are you like sheep where you follow which food truck has the longest lineup? Or you play it safe? Or are you an impatient line-up person and go with lame food? No judgement there. So many (food) decisions.

When I see a food truck, I am the classic girl with an Insta-worthy twist. I want the ice cream truck! The Praguery is one of the newest (ice cream) members to join the food truck scene. Should we be excited about fresh chimney cakes and Prague cones?

This ice cream truck is filled with Czech Republic treats. A sweet and savoury treat that has sugar-coated chimney cones loaded with soft serve ice cream. The cone is coated with cinnamon and sugar outside and filled with soft-serve vanilla ice cream inside.

I was with the right (food) people. We did not say no to ice cream. Since there was four of us, we got each of the flavours, the original (vanilla), chocolate,  strawberry and lemon. I had the lemon curd Prague cone. Sharing is caring, right? And the ice cream is very Insta-worthy.

We all got the Prague cone, which is spit cake made from rolled dough traditionally topped with sugar and nuts, The Prague cone is filled with loads of delicious soft serve and topped with sauce. It is the best of both dessert worlds, savoury and sweet.

As you approach the ice cream (food) truck, it smells like a bakery. The waft of fresh pastries. You’ll see the chimney cakes in a wooden cylinder and baked rotisserie-style. You can see the process how the chimney cakes are made.

The lemon curd cone got my attention since I’m a fan of lemon and tart flavours. The soft serve ice cream was premium with a lemon touch and the cone was doughy with cinnamon and brown sugar, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

So it seems like ice cream has a luxury market, such as La Glace. It is a French-style ice cream parlour in the Kitsilano area of town. Have you been? You can read all about it here.

How about fried ice cream at IceQueen. You can see experiences #1 and #2 from IceQueen’s central Richmond location. And how about Tangram Creamery nearby too. Or how about ice cream nitrogen at Magicream in Kerrisdale? Or Passion8 on Cambie? Or the fourth Earnest location in North Vancouver and how about the new Welcome Parlour in Lonsdale? So much ice cream competition!

Do you see a pattern here for ice cream and dessert. I cannot wait for Thursday! I am so excited to attend the upcoming official Sugarfina and Sanrio launch party. Looking forward to Hello Kitty at Nordstrom Pacific Centre. Talk about cute overload!

P.S. – So happy to have my life back! I am back! <3 It’s been quite the year. Life is full of surprises. Enjoy your weekend.

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