Birthday dinner at Dosanko in Downtown Eastside of Vancouver

It’s my birthday month, meaning there’s (another) good reason to go out and enjoy food! I have to admit that it feels strange to be in my hometown this year. It’s been a routine to pack my bags and head out on an adventure outside of Vancouver. Sometimes a busy girl wants to do nothing and be home for the next couple of weeks. (Just this year, I tell you.)

Located in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver at 566 Powell Street, Dosanko, a new Japanese restaurant, is situated in the old Japanese town on Powell. When we were circling around for a parking spot, my friend thought it was interesting that I wanted to try this place based on the location.

Yes, it’s the Downtown Eastside and that area does not faze me at all. Remember the epic food at The Mackenzie Room during the holidays and the terrible reviews they had online and we were all skeptical? That place impressed me and we had the “I want it all” option at the The Mackenzie Room. So I was hoping Dosanko would be a similar experience for us.

We arrived earlier and when you open the door, it is a modern earthy tone with hanging lights and lanterns. This is my kind of place since it’s good for Instagram. I’m kidding. Since we were the first customers to arrive for dinner, we got seated by the windows. (Also good for lighting in terms of photos too. ;))

Since it was my birthday and I had other food trips before dinner, there wasn’t a need to fully eat. I also had another place to go after Dosanko too. So I picked the following and below are the bolded items we approved.

We also ordered drinks to start as well. I added a refreshing summer cocktail to start.

  • Zangi – Garlic, ginger, marinated crispy chicken – almost a contender but could be more crispy and hot

Dosanko is a great local place to try in a changing neighbourhood. It’s always good to support local and cheer them on. It has a home cook-family feel but a higher quality version of Mikan Cafe but you can’t compare the two. Totally different restaurant category. Dosanko was polite and wished me a happy birthday before we left for our next food stop.

I’ve had my fair share of visiting a restaurant within its first couple of months of opening. You run into the scenario on not knowing the level of service, food, quality, quantity, atmosphere and etc … since a restaurant is trying to figure out a routine to run its business and refine those changes.

And sometimes it’s sheer energy on how things are delivered on the day as well. I have to admit that sometimes a place does not make the list here. If you want to know what didn’t appear here, you can always send me an email.

However, sometimes they do make it on the list for sharing. Below is a list:

If you want to know where I have been on my previous birthdays, you can read about it on my Jack Daniel’s Distillery Nashville birthday posting from last year. I can’t wait to re-visit Nashville and its Southern food scene. It’s amazing how time flies.

Next is celebrating a birthday dinner at a new Canadian restaurant with my favourite people in the world this weekend.  Will it be the expectations of Kissa Tanto from last year’s birthday? This is before Kissa got famous.

Will it be 3-4 in a row for post birthday fancy dinner in Vancouver at a new Canadian restaurant? We shall find out. 🙂

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