Hong Kong dessert at Snackshot in Marpole area of Vancouver

With the new dessert places popping up this summer, it’s a good opportunity to knock down that food list. It’s always interesting to visit a new restaurant. I mean, there are so many variables to think about. The ambiance, food, service and quality/quantity. Everyone has their own opinions.

Snackshot opened after Victoria Day this year, so they opened in late May. How do we know? Well, we asked. 😉

Located in the Marpole area of Vancouver (7980 Granville Street), this Hong Kong style dessert place has a dessert restaurant concept. It has been opened for less than two months and has been popular in the online food community.

When we arrived on a Saturday evening, there was a line-up and we put our name on the list. The decor has a Hong Kong vibe, which makes it different from other Asian dessert places in town. Sometimes when you visit a place, sometimes the decor > the food itself. The servers were super attentive and ensuring we were next in line.

This place was surprisingly smaller than what we expected. It had about nine tables and the decor on the outside did not match the inside.  Snackshot has been on my to-do (food) list for a while. We didn’t go for the full experience on this run since we were food hopping. (Yes, we have a limit sometimes.)

Instead, we went for what Snackshot was supposely known for, the dessert. And we did not get the infamous Vitasoy milk bulldog drink. It seemed gimmicky and we were too full from dinner at a different place.

We got the dessert sampler along with a mango dessert. When the dessert sampler arrived, I asked the server what the nine flavours are and he was hesitant at first, then my friend said that I was a blogger. How embarassing!

Then he gracious explained which flavours were. Then I started to take photos of each dish, like full on photo mode. There is an option of cold or hot, we ordered the cold. However, we think the hot version would taste better after getting the cold dish. Hard to say.

This is what the dessert sampler consisted of. The favourites at our table are bolded below.

  1. Tofu pudding
  2. Red bean paste
  3. Green bean soup
  4. Black glutinous
  5. Sesame paste
  6. Walnut paste
  7. Almond paste
  8. Cashew paste
  9. Red date & longan

Did I mention how beary cute the tofu pudding looked? 🐻 It’s so cute! Absolutely love it!

When we received our bill, the server (a different one) asked how we found the flavours and we said they were ok. We only finished half of the dessert out of our group. Surprisingly, he asked which ones we liked and did not like.
According to the server, it turns out the nutty flavours – the cashew and walnut dessert soup were the overall favourites. But they were our least favourite ones.

I’m not sure how I feel about drinking nutty desserts. The flavours were not as rich, compared to dessert at Chinese restaurants. The mango grapefruit with ice cream is a safe Asian dessert for those aren’t as adventurous with food. It was great with the tapioca pearls and was sweet to everyone’s liking.

The server had a sense that we were okay with the experience for some odd reason and he grabbed the bill out of my friend’s hand and ran off. We were a tad confused why he left and then he brought us a revised bill. He gave us 10% off the bill and hoped that we revisited next time so we can enjoy our favourite flavours since trying the dessert sampler.

That was very nice of him. It shows you that a new restaurant is always looking at ways to improve and is still enthusiastic, happy and wants to make things right at the very end.

Like my friend says, that’s the full experience for you!

Here’s a list of dessert places if you’re running low on ideas:

Until next time. 🙂

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