Earnest Ice Cream in Strathcona area of East Vancouver

There’s no secret I have an ice cream problem. Everyone knows. If we do not go out for dessert or ice cream, we cannot be friends. And no window (ice cream) shopping. That’s lame.  Who does that? 😉

Luckily we live in a part of Canada where we don’t understand snow so we can enjoy ice cream all year round, just like California.

Earnest Ice Cream opened its third location in the Strathcona area. However, it is mostly production based. And if you’re familiar with the area, it’s near the local craft beer breweries.

Can you imagine if you had local craft beer and ice cream all in the same evening? Is that an adult root beer float in your tummy then? Just saying.

Located between Clark Drive and Commercial Drive at 1485 Frances Street in East Vancouver. This local, ice cream hit never disappoints. Since it’s located in an industrial part of town, we were able to find parking and hop into the shop for ice cream.

This location is small and has a very nice green design. The interior design in me noticed the calm neutral colours along with the green plants accessories. The wall of plants reminded of Dalina‘s concept but similar. Dalina is more grocery and cafe/deli, remember?

Since I knew which ice cream places open late, we conveniently decided to end our evening with …  dessert at Earnest.

Earnest is a mainstream hit in Vancouver. I mean there’s the London fog, salted chocolate, whiskey hazelnut to start or one of its seasonal flavours. And there’s matcha green tea and their monthly featured pint, right?

Oh boy, I have an ice cream problem. Let’s just say that the whiskey hazelnut is my go-to. And the amaretto from the spring collection was amazing. Who doesn’t like sweet, almond-flavoured, Italian liqueur?

Yes, there’s (food dessert) collections too. Remember Beta5 Chocolates? I want the mango bubble tea cream puff as a regular item. Want to know more? Just follow me on my Instagram, @carealot if you’re intrigued.

Since we all know Earnest, there’s no need to introduce flavours and its business concept. I got the salted chocolate on the bottom with whiskey hazelnut on top with the classic waffle cone. Ice cream order totally matters.

My BFF (best food friend) got the serious chocolate with toasted coconut. They didn’t have an order preference, if you’re wondering. Always have ice cream with a waffle cone, no cups, please.

With Earnest’s recent expansion over the years, I’ll be curious to see if the quality of the production will be like in the future. They just opened the new production store so it can probably help offset the demand all over Vancouver. Totally guessing.

Will the same consistency be attained in the future? No burned out ingredients, right? No disappointment too? Does it mean there’s more ice cream for sharing? And more fun flavours?! Questions, questions here. Only time will tell. Remember they started as a small shop in their humble beginnings and look at them now. Full on, SUCCESS.

IceQueen opened its second location in the Kitsilano area so Tangram Creamery may face some competition this summer.

Or how about ice cream nitrogen at Magicream in Kerrisdale? Or Passion8 on Cambie? How about Tangram Creamery? North Vancouver will start having an ice cream scene with the fourth Earnest location and how about the new Welcome Parlour in Lonsdale? So much ice cream competition!

Do you see a pattern here for ice cream and dessert. Until next time! 🙂

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