Yogurt Every Day – Hubert Cormier

Summer is here! I’m really behind on my updates. Sorry!

I have a first here. I will be drafting up a cookbook review on Yogurt Every Day by nutritionist/dietitian Hubert Cormier earlier this month.

Appetite by Penguin Random House Canada has graciously provided a copy review of this healthy eating book. A big THANK YOU to Appetite by Random House and Food Bloggers of Canada. It’s such a good community to be a part of. They are truly amazing people.

I’m starting to collect cookbooks this year through my great friends and I’m loving how I get to try different types of food. From Canadian road trip books to yogurt eating. It really gives me a good reason to continue and talk about the food industry as it continues to change.

Although the focus of this blog is primarily on new, trendy restaurants in the Metro Vancouver area. I can definitely start having a bookshelf of cookbooks. There is something about having a freshly printed book in your hand and looking through recipes. Scrolling on your computer, tablet or phone doesn’t have the same effect.

Here’s a fun fact: I really enjoy cooking if given an opportunity, especially on the weekend. Not baking. Baking is too much of a science and complicated. My non-cooking friends will understand this. Plus, cooking brings people together and who doesn’t like having a good meal on the table accompanied with a delicious drink on hand. Oh, and how about dessert too.

I did not want to skim through the pages of this book and just call it a day for this review. That would defeat the entire point on receiving this magical book. We need to know if this book is real deal here.

I asked my cookbook food blog friends on how I should conduct this review. They told me to follow the recipe and use the exact ingredients and no substitutes to officially test this book. And they told me to have host a kitchen night so to test more food to share!

I don’ t know about you but I don’t have all the fancy ingredients in my kitchen on hand since I am not a chef or studied it in school. However, I did take a nutrition course one time in college.

It doesn’t seem practical or reasonable to use the ingredient once. I am the queen of substitution for food. And what better way to test is using yogurt as a substitute in your food for healthy eating.  For our everyday lives, yogurt doesn’t feel like an everyday ingredient for lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks. It is a classic breakfast food.

I really enjoyed how the author thought of using yogurt since it is simple to incorporate. And I love the substitutions page for all things that I love such as mayonnaise, sour cream, ice cream, cream cheese and butter for yogurt. I don’t hold back on any food. Like ice cream, remember?

When I went through the pages, below are the recipes that really stood out for me:

  • Chia and kiwi pudding with green grape sauce
  • Overnight oats
  • Wafflewich
  • Eggs Benedict with lighter Hollandaise sauce – I love brunch and it was an automatic yes to marking on the page
  • Lentil patties
  • Sweet potato gnocchi – love Italian
  • Duck breast poutine – love duck and poutine
  • Avocado lassi – see below for how it turned out
  • Amaretto and espresso cake
  • Key lime tartlets with speculoos crusts

In total, I didn’t do 1-3 tests but five kitchen tests with this book. Why not. Here we go!

Kitchen test #1 – Chia and kiwi pudding with green grape sauce

I substituted the recipe when I saw “blanch green grapes” in the cooking instructions. Sorry Hubert! Instead, I used melon and orange to offset the green grapes and kiwi. And I did not cheat and used the recommended amount of honey. 😉

Since I had a collection of glass jars from my favourite ice cream place Earnest Ice Cream, I was all ready to start putting the ingredients into the jar. It was like making salad noodles in a jar. You put the most delicious part of the ingredient at the bottom of the jar, just like digging through treasure. This really made my happy to start my morning before heading into work. I never know what to do with chia seeds and it was perfect to use yogurt.

It was great to have this in the fridge. I prepared two jars overnight, one for day one, one for day two. The day two batch was so rich in flavour for breakfast.

Kitchen test #2 – Wafflewich

First off, I LOVE WAFFLES. Definitely had to try this. The waffles were so savoury and the added cheese in the batter was a bonus. I had to freeze some of the waffles so I can use it for an upcoming breakfast in the morning. Yum. It was the first time I had a waffle that wasn’t heavy. This is definitely a good treat in the morning for me, especially when I had frozen them.

Kitchen test #3 – Creamy carbonara tagliatelle

This dish was interesting. I used a different pasta and followed the recipe. Although I really like cheese and bacon. The use of prosciutto as a substitute for bacon was great and it proves that you can eat all the delicious food in the world out there. It was a very light dish and super easy to make. I mean, it’s pasta.

Kitchen test #4 – Avocado Lassi

This is my favourite item out of the kitchen test bunch. The use of ingredients, mango and avocado, along with a refresh freshly grated ginger and honey was the perfect touch. All of those ingredients are my favourite. I liked this drink so much that I made a second batch that same evening. SO GOOD. Totally nailed it!

Usually smoothies are super heavy. Again, this drink was not heavy so it allowed me to make a second batch.

Kitchen test #5 – Frozen bars

If you have been reading on here, I’m more of an ice cream kind of gal but should need to try a dessert item. Ice cream is the key to my heart, along with Beta5 Chocolate cream puffs. The use of mango and carrot was interesting along with using yogurt and all that nutrition goodness.

This book is nicely organized with more than 75 recipes ranging from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert and lastly, snacks. The book has beautiful photos and super easy to read instructions to follow the recipes. Hubert makes yogurt very easy and also shows you how to make your own yogurt at home as well.

Never used Greek yogurt so much before and it really puts things into perspective if you want to eat better, but eat good, and not boring food. Thank you Hubert for this! Other items I will be testing later is the milkshake, frosted raspberries, and baked mini donuts!

Here’s the disclosure that I received a free copy of this book through Appetite by Penguin Random House Canada and was not compensated for writing this review. As usual, all opinions are 100% my own.

The sun is out. Let’s enjoy summer and wear sunscreen. Until next time! 🙂

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