Pepper Lunch Canada in Richmond at Central at Garden City

Pepper Lunch Canada has been expanding in the Metro Vancouver area with its first location in 2015 and recently opened a third location a month ago. I introduced my BFF (best food friend) on Pepper Lunch Canada and the visiting on multiple trips continues!

We are fans of Pepper Lunch and its food concept on sizzling hot food arriving fast. The newest location is located in Richmond at Central at Garden City (1625-4791 Mcclelland Road). This Japanese fast-casual food chain won’t disappoint you when it comes to having food on a nice, hot iron plate.

When you open the door, it is a spacious, cafeteria-style, casual-food dining experience, which seats about 60 people. I am talking about the Walmart location, not to be confused with No. 3 Road.

On this trip, we both ordered off the combo deluxe. I ordered the Kobe Burger and Sliced Angus Steak with an egg on top, along with a black sesame ice cream mochi. While my BFF got the Filet Mignon and Salmon Steak and dare to say, no dessert. If you’re a regular reader on dessert, you know it’s shocking, right?

We were assigned a table number and got seated. We observed and noticed the happy customer faces when the food arrived at the other tables. There’s just something about having your food arrive at your table. Maybe there’s something in that sizzle at Pepper Lunch. Metaphorically and literally – HA.

I’ve been to Pepper Lunch a couple of times in the past. When I think about it, I actually never ate off the regular menu and always had customized my item by adding an egg or more meat onto the dish. Or both! Anything with an egg, just makes it better. #amirite

The food arrived within less than five minutes and arrived hot. The Kobe Burger and Sliced Angus Steak did not come with the usual two sauces, the garlic soy sauce and sweet soy sauce. Instead, a side sauce dish was provided. You can guess which dish is mine. Hint: It’s the one with an egg.

I always find the meat a tad bland so end up loading up on the sauce for that extra flavouring. Perhaps, it’s good for those health conscious people.

I recommend the signature classics such as the beef pepper rice and Kobe beef burger steak. The mochi ice cream arrived later so it was nice and cold. So bonus points! They really want you to have that experience and to enjoy your meal.

What I’ve noticed from the beginning of Pepper Lunch is the menu extension and they continue to deliver over the years. Maybe one day I will work my way to the $30 steak but we’ll see. Who doesn’t like interactive food? It comes out sizzling.

All the staff are happy to be there and the owner is super nice and happy too. On a separate Pepper Lunch trip, we were at the No. 3 Road location and the owner thanked us for visiting and asked how our experience was. It was near closing on a long weekend last month and it was my BFF’s first time there. The manager happened to be at the register and was happy to answer all of our questions. We were all super happy and excited, just like how I am too.

Unlike some chain restaurants, at Pepper Lunch, everyone is happy, friendly and wants to be there. Just like how my BFF and I feel about our food runs and catch-ups. We are happy and full of energy! You know that feeling when the staff/server are just there and go by a typical service level script. That isn’t how service is supposed to be at all. They should be enjoying and happy.

So it’s basically mid-June, what other places should be on the list for food adventures? Looks like there’s more dessert places popping up this summer.

I will be conducting my first ever book review on a cook book through Appetite by Random House Canada. I love that the food division is located in Vancouver since most book launches are in Toronto. They are so generous with the books and I’m starting to collecting them. How exciting. 🙂 I am waiting for the book to arrive in the mail so will be having a kitchen test night with the new book! We gotta read, cook and taste all the food.

Blogging has been fun and very enjoyable. I’ve met a bunch of food blog types over the past ten months since I started. From people who like to eat, people who want free food, massive food networking types, to those are passionate about food/drink and the evolving industry. For the bloggers out there, do you see yourself as a food expert?

And don’t get me started on photography and writing for food blogging. Is there a style or format? How about the people that will post on everything? I’m a confirm believer that quality > quantity. You really have to know what you’re talking about, please don’t simply post.

To meet the food bloggers who are behind the website and social media in the Metro Vancouver area continues to fascinate me. That also continues to keep things interesting. It also didn’t occur to me I have a list of online publication features so I create a Featured In page for fun.

Lastly, I’m super disappointed Chill Winston is closing its doors in September. First it was Bambudda Gastown and they closed its doors earlier this year, now its Chill Winston. Does it mean that there will be empty restaurants in the Gastown area? Let’s hope not.

Until next time. 🙂

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