Can I order from the Starbucks Evening menu, please. Wine and beer at Starbucks Coffee Canada in Vancouver

June is off to a good food start! Starbucks Coffee Canada decided to launch a new menu, Starbucks Evening. Does it mean that we get to order a short, tall, grand or venti … how about trenta wine and beer?

I’m totally geeking out on this, along with many other things in my life. When life gets busy, you know where I am going. If you’re wondering what is my preference of Starbucks drink is. I will share it with you. It is the London Fog Tea Latte aka. LFTL, Earl Grey Tea Latte, EGTL, or Earl Grey Misto.

Starbucks has changed the name over the years decade, if you’re wondering why there’s so many variations. Why the confusion, Starbucks? 😉 I am a HUGE Starbucks fan if you follow me on Instagram, @carealot.

This is a definition of an “addict” to make it official.

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Starbucks announced the Starbucks Evening menu four days ago on June 1st. SO EXCITING. I am very familar with the Mount Pleasant area and know where all the Starbucks are located in Vancouver and most of Burnaby. And I say it so proudly too.

A month ago, Starbucks opened their very first Reserve Bar in Western Canada. However, I wasn’t interested since I am not a coffee drinker. Sorry! But the Evening menu totally changed things. It is a game changer. Do you sense the excitement here as I type?

Will I live at Starbucks during the day AND night? We will find out. Think about those Starbucks Stars. That’s a lot of Starbucks lingo for you. And we haven’t talked about the food and drink yet. Are you ready?

Located at 2980 Main Street in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver, we all know Starbucks is always changing their food and drink menu.  Remember the Unicorn Frappuccino? I did not order and fully support the barristas. Starbucks Canada expanded the menu to serve wine and beer and food, available during limited hours of operation. The food scene in Vancouver continues to improve as well.

When we were on our way to Starbucks, we were wondering if the experience would be strange. I mean, you’ll have people drinking coffee and alcohol drinks all in the same room. How does that work?

When we arrived, I immediately noticed the size of the Mount Pleasant location and it significantly expanded. We were wondering if we would be able to get a cozy and comfortable seat and it looked like there were 1-3 spots available.

The first thought I had when we lined up was on the size option and it looked like the evening menu has an one size fits all. And it was busy at Starbucks so no interior shot. It looked like the perfect Starbucks with a loungy vibe.

I noticed the two counters and was wondering what they`re for. It turns out it is for the regular and reserve items. The items from the evening menu are served to you. However, you still need to order with the barrista at the till so it is not a restaurant. It has a lounge vibe since there are soft chairs of four to sit in and along the wall and window, you can sit with the small tables with your laptop and/or drink in hand.

I really wanted to order the artichoke and goat cheese flatbread but they were sold out. Perhaps next time! The truffle mac and cheese looked interesting but we didn’t go for it. Since we were not in a celebratory mood, we did not order the Prosecco – Cupcake Vineyards, Italy.

My BFF (best food friend) was asking what I was going to order and I wanted to order the Malbec – Trapiche Broquel, Argentina. We ended up being twinsies that evening.

As for the atmosphere, it was super calm like a cafe, while they played 90s music. Hence why it felt like a lounge. I enjoyed having conversations without the annoying cocktail/late night crowd at a wine bar.

We sat in the cozy soft chairs and enjoyed being comfortable. This is very good option out there. I wonder if Starbucks would serve spirits/cocktails in the future.

My order of wine arrived quickly and they also provide a small glass of sparkling water. However, my friend’s order was a tad delayed and Starbucks apologized for the delay. Not sure what the delay was.  As for the wine, you can’t go wrong with an Argentina, malbec. It is a safe wine choice if you’re a fan of malbec, which I love in a red wine.

I really love the attention to detail on the glasses. My glass has the words “permission to relax” and my friend had the “take a moment or three” glass. If Starbucks starts selling them, I’m going to continue to have a Starbucks cup/mug problem.

The Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar will offer a menu of savoury foods and wine, beer, and cider, which is awesome! This menu will be available Monday to Friday from 2:00pm to close, and noon to close on weekends.

So you could be at Starbucks during the day and night. Below is the menu options in Vancouver and looks like their beer and cider is by Steamworks Brewing.

  • SteamWorks – Pilsner
  • Steamworks – IPA
  • Lonetree – Dry Cider

And here`s the wine menu list:

  • Pinot Grigio – CedarCreek 2015, Okanagan Valley
  • Sauvignon Blanc – Kim Crawford, New Zealand
  • Pinot Noir – Haywire 2014, Okanagan Valley
  • Malbec – Trapiche Broquel, Argentina
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – The Show, California, USA
  • Prosecco – Cupcake Vineyards, Italy

I love all food and drink. From visiting Aer Café to getting an invite at From Poké at Westcoast Poké to juice bars at MELU Juice & Health Bar and Nectar Juicery.

Or visiting Kissa Tanto before it got famous to visiting drinking street on Keefer Street at Juniper. How about happy hour at La Mezcaleria aka. Mezcal.

I can’t believe I wrote about Starbucks. What a life (food) surprise. I really want to try the house affogato and it has vanilla bean  ice cream at the Reserve Coffee Bar. Remember how I feel about ice cream or dessert? Here’s some examples to name a few:

Enjoy your day. Take care! 🙂

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