Welcome Parlour, Welcome Ice Cream in North Vancouver

Again, it’s been a busy, exciting month in May. I am behind on my blog and run a busy life. So sorry!

Welcome Parlour has had quite the exposure on Instagram in the Metro Vancouver area. Since it is located in North Vancouver, it would mean that I need to be conveniently in the area. I had an out-of-town friend that wanted to try Pacific West Coast seafood and we fancied it up and enjoyed indigenous seafood, along with me playing tourist and enjoying the West Coast sites of the nature and city views. It was just “another day” for me but my friend was “in love” with the city.

For those that are reading this post in the US, visiting North Vancouver is like visiting the suburbs if you’re coming from the city. It’s a totally different vibe. People that live in North Vancouver typically don’t leave the area for some odd reason. The ice cream scene is quite lacking in North Vancouver. Until this year!

During dinner, my friend asked if we should grab dessert at the fancy restaurant or we go elsewhere. Since I have an ice cream problem, I suggested we visit a new ice cream place, Welcome Parlour.  If you follow me on Instagram @carealot, you’ll understand what I’m talking about when it comes to ice cream.

Located in a 1912 heritage building in North Vancouver at 277 East 8th Street. This new ice cream parlour opened three months ago and in Central Lonsdale. We arrived around 9:00pm and Welcome Parlour is located in a quiet residential area. It is family friendly place which serves fresh ice cream. They refresh the batches every one to days, which is lovely.

It was near closing and no one was in the shop. I automatically got into photojournalism mode and started to take photos on my iPhone. All of the photos are not edited. I did not have my mirrorless camera since I was dining out and enjoying the weekend. I mean, you want to know what this place is all about? The entire experience, am I right? And yes, this is another hipster-place.

I was excited to see what flavours they had to offer and the first flavour that got my attention was the Maple Bourbon, then I saw the Insta-worthy Blueberry Raspberry. Then totally gravitated towards it like Maple Bourbon was old news boozie. My friend got a mega scoop of the Maple Bourbon.

The birthday cake and lime coconut looked interesting. The birthday cake actually had cake with sprinkles in its ice cream. I noticed that the menu had a primary amount of traditional flavours. Below are the flavours they had that evening:

We had a good chat with the owner and how he got the concept for the ice cream place. We talked about his music background, traveling and the food scene in different cities. The Welcome Parlour had a wall of candy, Nintendo branded candy to be specific. And Thomas Haas chocolate and Cadeaux Bakery goodies. Those are the items that got my attention. 🙂 We didn’t chat about this. Perhaps I was too busy enjoying my two mega scoops of ice cream.

In addition, we also talked about beer floats, like root beer floats. Not sure how beer and ice cream go together. Maybe someone can take the plunge, go find out and report back. The Vancouver craft brewing scene is constantly getting better, especially with the local breweries.

Back to the ice cream, since they had eleven flavours to choose from and the flavours aren’t overly impowering. I went for the Organic Blueberry Raspberry at the bottom and the Cookies N Cream at the top. And ice cream order totally matters. I enjoyed the chucks of raspberry embeded with the blueberry. The Cookies N Cream wasn’t overly sweet and had the perfect balance so yay.

Is Earnest Ice Cream ready to open the other locations?! I cannot wait.  IceQueen will be opening a second location sometime soon in the Kitsilano area so Tangram Creamery may face some competition this summer.

Or how about ice cream nitrogen at Magicream in Kerrisdale? Or Passion8 on Cambie? How about Tangram Creamery? Do you see a pattern here for ice cream?

Enjoy your LONG weekend. 🙂

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