Oui, oui, the l’eclair … L’Éclair de Génie, first North American location in downtown Vancouver


As mentioned, I have been waiting for the anticipation of L’Éclair de Génie for a while now. It started with following @desserted_in_paris through Instagram three years ago and somehow I stumbled upon the Parisian pastry shop.

When I found out they were going to launch their first North American location, I was super excited. All of the pastries are so pretty and gorgeous. This is a shop for all things fancy eclairs. It’s nice to see a piece of Paris in town. I love French pastries, there’s something magical about it.

L’Éclair de Génie has been opened for three weeks now.  Located at 1210 Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. I was with one of my food partners on a rainy Saturday afternoon. To recap what happened that day, here’s a post from Nemesis Coffee and what happened on opening day at L’Éclair de Génie. Here’s a visual on what happened:

So we had a dessert fail on the first day of launch since they sold out 1,000 eclairs. Yes, all one thousands eclairs were gone on opening day. So ten days later, we were in the downtown Vancouver area and decided to make an attempt before going on a trip.

It was mid-week with no line-ups and it was comfortable checking out the place. When we arrived, there were ten flavours available and not the 250 flavours that they are known for. And none of the flavours were sold out that day. Below is the flavour list.

  • Vanilla Pécan (vanilla cream and caramelized pecan)
  • Framboise Passion (passionfruit cream, raspberry confit, and fresh raspberries)
  • Chocolat Grand Cru (chocolate cream)
  • Vanille Framboise (vanilla cream, raspberry confit fresh raspberries, and white chocolate)
  • Sirop D’érable AKA I LOVE VANCOUVER (maple cream)
  • Matcha Bambou (matcha cream and white chocolate)
  • Praliné Noisette (caramel mascarpone cream, hazelnut praline, and caramelized hazelnuts)
  • Citron Yuzu (lemon yuzu cream and crispy meringue)
  • Caramel Beurre Salé (salted caramel and mascarpone cream)
  • Pistache Framboise (pistachio chantilly, raspberry confit, fresh raspberries, and roasted pistachios)

In a typical Vancouverite manner, we got the I LOVE VANCOUVER eclair, which was the Sirop D’érable aka. maple cream. I had to get it, think about all the possible Instagram photos. And I LOVE VANCOUVER!! #proud

That Vancouver eclair totally was telling me to buy him/her/it. The maple cream wasn’t overly sweet and a good start to try the eclairs. Surprisingly, the second item was outstanding. I asked the server which eclairs are the most popular and they suggested the Praliné Noisette. It contains caramel mascarpone cream, hazelnut praline, and caramelized hazelnuts. We enjoyed our dainty French eclairs before hitting the road.

They also have a selection of coffee/teas as well but we were on a rush to our next destination. Plus, you have to stay loyal to your local Starbucks barrista.

I’m still raving about Beta5 Chocolates for all things dessert. Remember my food criteria? It’s in that Beta5 posting link if you’re wondering. 😉

Enjoy your LONG weekend!

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