Brunch at Nemesis Coffee in Gastown – Vancouver

In addition to the ice cream movement, there is also the coffee revolution of new coffee shops in town. Apparently the coffee is top-notch at Nemesis Coffee and I will never know. I’m a tea drinker here. To the coffee addicts, it’ll remain a mystery to you. 😉 There has been much hype about Nemesis Coffee on Instagram and blogs such as Daily Hive Vancouver.

We originally wanted to visit the new JINYA Ramen Bar location on a rainy day but they had a 90 minute wait for their grand opening weekend. There was no way were going to wait so we decided to trek down to Gastown for late brunch or anything that did not have a line-up.

Located on 302 West Hastings Street in the Gastown area of Vancouver. Nemesis Coffee, a cafeteria style, hipster themed place reminded me of the coffee scene in San Francisco where it’s all hipster, open concept and minimalist. That was a couple of years back. Glad to see it happening here now. Nemesis Coffee has been opened for around two months now so it’s pretty new.

When you open the door, it was super busy on a typical rainy afternoon in Vancouver. There were 3-4 people ahead of us and I didn’t see a menu behind the till. Since it was busy, I was focused on grabbing a table at a very busy coffee shop and didn’t have a menu available. I told my friend to line-up for food, while I hoard a table for the two of us.  I saw a table that was ready to leave so like a crazy lady … went for the table like a rabbit in a race. I have no shame and am not shy. 😛 I was hAngry.

I did tell my friend to grab anything brunch related. So the food decision was entirely up to my food partner-in-crime. 🙂

As I was waiting for the table to finish up, I was looking at the atmosphere of the place. It had a modern and minimalist feel. When my friend came back, I asked what they ordered and we ended up with what Nemesis recommended. While we were waiting at our table, we noticed the option of tap or sparkling water. We got one of each for the sake of trying water, why not.

We didn’t opt for coffee since we both had dinner plans later and I already went to Starbucks earlier in the day. And, no I didn’t order the Unicorn Frappuccino® Blended Crème. Those poor Starbucks barristas. I love Starbucks and would never want my local barrista to have a meltdown.

Below is what arrived at our table:

  • Heirloom grits, roasted asian mushrooms, charred wild onions, salsa verde, poached egg, aged goat cheese – Enjoyed the #eggporn and the mushrooms, poached egg and cheese underneath the greens. Excellent presentation and fun unveiling the food!

  • Crisped chicken thigh, bread salad of cucumbers, green and black garlic hummous – The skin on the chicken was perfect and the cucumber was so freshing along with the hummous at the bottom.

We did a lot of walking and were extra hAngry. So what is hAngry exactly? Here’s the definition on

adjective, hangrier, hangriest. Slang.


feeling irritable or irrationally angry as a result of being hungry.

Definitely don’t go to Nemesis Coffee hungry. All the food is prepared in-house so this is a good place to relax and grab a coffee or pastry. I want to try their drink menu next time. And the quality is there for all food and coffee, coffee, coffee. Also, the food is Insta-worthy and photogenic so presentation is excellent. I mean, look at the #eggporn – Instagram filtered worthiness below.


As for brunch, there’s the Gray Olive Cafeteria opened recently in Burnaby, The Breakfast Table, Fable Diner, and of course Jam Café.

In addition to JINYA Ramen Bar having an opening weekend, L’Éclair de Génie has finally arrived and opened their first North American location. <3 <3 <3 I have been spying and obsessing on L’Éclair de Génie for the past three years through Instagram. I really want to try this place like no tomorrow. It’s nice to see a piece of Paris in town. I love French pastries, there’s something magical about it.

It was literally opening day and we decided to see if there would be a flurry of people lining up for eclairs on a rainy downtown Vancouver day. As we approached the shop, there was no line-up. It turns out that they sold out 1,000 eclairs on Saturday. I REALLY want to visit this place. I mean, I have been eyeing it on Instagram for years. Let’s see if this place will top Beta5 Chocolates.

Definitely try next time. Wanna?!

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