Ice Cream run at Tangram Creamery in Kitsilano of Vancouver

It seems like ice cream shops are all the rage in Vancouver all the time, which is amazing. Tangram Creamery is located at 2729 Arbutus Street in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver. When you open the door, it is a minimalist theme ice cream shop with a wooden and hipster theme with light bulbs for decor, which I absolutely love for that rustic look for home decor.

This place opened in January of 2016  and been in business for over a year now.  It was near closing on a nice sunny-like Friday night and our go-to ice cream place was closed so we decided to go to Tangram after a relaxing dinner catch-up meal in the West End. We always have room for ice cream. 🙂

Since it was our second visit, we were excited to visit again. In our typical foodie-style, we tried all the flavours (again). Below is a photo on the flavours they had that evening. The amazake was not available but we did try it on the first visit.  It is full of flavour with ginger and orange. Their famous hojicha flavour didn’t make an appearance that day as well.  That flavour is great.

The raspberry sorbet was sour after a couple of bites. Oh, there was mango too! The rest of the flavours were pretty generic such as vanilla, dark chocolate, roasted coconut and etc … I got the roasted coconut at top and ever-so savoury black sesame at the top, obviously with the cookie cone.

Ice cream order matters. You can get your scoop in a regular cup or pay an extra dollar for a cookie cone or cookie cone. And who wants a boring cup served in an ice cream? We are not beige, boring types here.

The roasted coconut initially was great and after a couple of bites, the sweet sugar was becoming too sweet. That’s why ice cream order matters! Gotta save the best for last. The black sesame is the best! Service is great and this place is Instagram-worthy. They also have a drink menu and some pastries if you want that coffee cafe experience.

For the ice creams, it’s a must to get the cookie cone. Cookie, cookie cone! Looks like waffle has competition with cookie cone. They have the best black sesame ice cream in town and it’s so rich in flavour. It’s worth every bite. Seriously. I should have purchased a pint to-go.

This place meets my food element criteria of 5/6. A mark off for creativity and uniqueness but they are SOCLOSE. If you want to know what 100% means to me. Here’s a recap as a refresher:

  • Insta-worthiness

  • Quality (not quantity)

  • Details in ingredients (and the quality)

  • Creativity and uniqueness

  • Reasonable price point

  • Local

Other worthy-mentions that made the 100% food element list are:

IceQueen will be opening a second location sometime soon in the Kitsilano area so Tangram may face some competition this summer. My experiences at IceQueen have been different compared to other dessert places. You can read on the initial and post experience here.

Or how about ice cream nitrogen at Magicream in Kerrisdale? Or Passion8 on Cambie?

And of course, dessert at Beta5 Chocolates, which is the key to my heart. We will celebrate every occasion through Beta5! You’ll understand if you follow me through Instagram, @carealot.

When is Earnest Ice Cream opening up their other locations?! So exciting. We will purchase all the flavours into my car this summer. KIDDING.

I am always down for ice cream suggestions. Even went to the Museum of Ice Cream in New York City, you can read that post too. Always want the latest ‘scoop’. 🙂

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