Brunch at the Gray Olive Cafeteria in North Burnaby

The Gray Olive Cafeteria – front interior
I have a brunch problem and happen to be near a new brunch place. How convenient. Who doesn’t like love brunch?!

The Gray Olive Cafeteria has been opened for about 1.5 months and seats about 20 people. Located at 4190 Hastings Street in the North Burnaby area, this casual modern cafeteria-style brunch place is on a popular street where there`s endless choices for food.

When we arrived, it was busy on a mid-day work week during the lunch rush. All of the tables were taken and there was a small line-up of 2-3 customers. Since it was cafeteria style,  you line-up, order, and find a seat. We were hoping to snag a seat on our lunch break. Luckily by the time we ordered, we found a seat for two. A booth seat! It was busy with customers so no photo of the restaurant and its seats.

When we were ordering, I asked all the typical (food) questions, when the restaurant opened, what is the concept, where the food came from and etc … I just need to know! I think we all want to know. Am I right?! Of course, sharing photos for the entire experience for you to snoop on. The Gray Olive was probably wondering why I’m asking so many questions and why the photo taking? They must think I’m some weirdo photographer or journalist. 😛

My friend ordered first and got the daily soup and the curry roasted cauliflower which had sweet potato, yam, red onion, dried fruit, peas, lime and cilantro dressing. When her item arrived, the wrong soup arrived and I half-joked if we can have it the soup. My friend looked at me funny since she’s not used to me (yet anyway). The server paused and since they were busy, they quickly took away the soup and brought in the correct soup order.

As for myself, it’s not brunch without not one, but two eggs on top. Must have eggs for brunch, so plural. I was interested in the kitchen sink, since it had two eggs and a full breakfast meal. Before I made my final work-day brunch decision, I asked if I would get full or it’s too much or order something else. Then I got indecisive and went for the kitchen sink food item. I might as well since it contained everything. It had two sunny side eggs and the following goodies underneath the pretty Insta-eggs: Sautéed vegetables, green onions, sausage, bacon, cheese, and g.o. potatoes. I’m not sure what g.o. is so we will assume it’s gray olive potatoes. Just going with logic here.

All of the food is served on a tray with compostable bowls. I would prefer proper plates and cutlery for dining in so this place is good for take-out, based on the size. Remember it seats 20 so a spot may be difficult to find. It’s important to understand the concept of the restaurant and what experience they want you to have. Obviously, the food is the main event.

I enjoyed the sunny side egg and it was nice to see what (surprise) food was underneath.  The potatoes were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The vegetables were cooked perfectly. For brunch, it’s always about the potatoes and eggs.  For next time, I want to try their lunch menu. The food has great presentation and you can tell the food has extra care to ensure it’s delicious and tasty. It’s a nice way to order take-out. It is cafeteria-style anyway. I may even do that for next time!

However, Jam Café is my go-to brunch place, which I absolutely love. You cannot go wrong with Insta-worthy and epic food. By the way, Jam Café‘s one year anniversary of coming up this week as well. Just saying. There`s also the Breakfast Table in Fairview or Fable Diner in the Mount Pleasant area of town.

Happy, hoppy Easter everybunny! 🙂

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