IceQueen revisited in Central Richmond

It’s the end of March and haven’t been able to leave the house, eat or run because of the snow last month. It’s time for an ice cream treat! I have a first here! I will be posting about a place I already mentioned previously on here, the new blog.  And no, it’s not Beta5 Chocolates, thought I am their BIGGEST FAN. But there’s a good reason to write about the adventure, it involves ice cream.

Remember about my experience at IceQueen in January? I left a condensed version of my experience/review on Yelp and was surprised that they contacted me within an hour of the posting. Talk about being responsive!

If you want to check out my Yelp review and IceQueen’s response, here’s the Yelp link. As of now, there is a total of five IceQueen Yelp reviews and it opened in late November so three months new. There were originally three Yelp reviews in January. There is also a total of three Ice Queen Zomato reviews and all three of them are bloggers so use your judgement, just saying.

If you missed my initial experience with IceQueen from earlier, you can check out the full experience here.

As mentioned, IceQueen responded after my Yelp review with the following comment:

Hi Christina,

We are sorry that you had a bad experience, we would like to make it up to you.  Would you ba able to stop by again and enjoy ice cream on us! I can be there personally to make you instagram worthy ice cream =) and answer any questions you might have.  Thanks and sorry again for the bad experience you had

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to visit IceQueen again since I made not one, but two attempts when it first opened. One with the shop being closed during mall hours and them not answering their phone to check if they’re opened on my second attempt. I decided to send a Yelp private message to IceQueen and we arranged to talk about all things ice cream! You can’t say no to ice cream, right?

I went with a friend on a Saturday afternoon to revisit. When we arrived, the traffic was steady busy and appreciated the owner making the time to arrange to make up things up at IceQueen. The owner, Elliott, greeted us and was very attentive about the experience. He really wanted to know about the experience and I explained what happened on both attempts.

What I appreciated is he took my review seriously and really wanted to make things up! He knew we did not try the mango flavour from last time since it was sold out and gladly told us it was available. I asked him about the drinks menu and he kindly offered a freshly made durian coconut milk drink since it’s the most popular drink. And at the time, one other blogger asked about the drink menu. You know how we roll, we want to know everything about the place! Just everything.

I am a stickler for Asian drinks and not a fan of bubble tea unless it’s made in the States so boba. If you’re wondering, they call bubble tea ‘boba’ in the States. I am not a fan of durian because of the smell but I like the texture. Back to the durian, the durian smell was not present since it was masked with the coconut milk. It was perfect and creamy and smooth and rich in flavour. They added kiwi at the top for an extra tart flavour. This drink is at $9.95 so $10.

If you haven’t noticed, we often ask questions for the full experience of the restaurant and its history. Remember how we recognized the guys working at West Coast Poké from all our food adventures throughout the City at the restaurants and bars? 😛

The owner has a bubble tea business background so I can see why they added drinks on the menu. Why not? Everything in a drinkable format is perfect. Remember my trip to Nectar Juicery and MELU Juice & Health Bar? Oh, how about the bubble tea at Taiwanese noodle place at ShangPin Beef Noodle House? I still do not crave bubble tea for some odd reason. However, if it’s available and beyond good, I will order one. But you will never see me talking about bubble tea unless someone brings it up.

So the main event, ice cream! The owner knew we were interested in mango and Insta-worthy ice cream. He suggested the Puddlilicous and we agree it’s a contender. As he was making the pudding ice cream, he mentioned they make their own ice cream and they use fresh fruit. Which was a different comment from my initial visit when I asked. The Puddlilicous is a Insta-worthy ice cream, with two pirouline sticks, a Ferrero Rocher and a crème brûlée looking puddling covered with sugar sauce.

For the mango, they mix fresh mango and mango ice cream into the roll. Before I took a bite of the mango, I took a look at the whipped cream and asked if the whipped cream was only whipped cream, it was actually hazelnut whipped cream. Good thing I asked and noticed! Good old taste buds, I possess.

So I had the honour of trying 5/8 flavours after my many attempts at IceQueen. Below are my top favourites:

  1. Puddlilicious – Insta-worthy and not overly sweet. Good use of food accessories
  2. Mango – Can’t go wrong with fresh mango
  3. Camp Fire – Good photo-op for Instagram
  4. Matcha World – I have a matcha problem it is intuitive to say yes.
  5. Thai-wan

Before we left, they offered a “thank you for the opportunity to make it right” coupon and mentioned they will be opening a second location in the Kitsilano area in Vancouver around May this year. I wish IceQueen all the best! The restaurant industry is tough and competitive so I totally understand.

I still haven’t been to Snowy Village, which is similar to Passion8 Dessert Cafe. I’m not too keen in nitrogen ice cream after trying it this past summer at Magicream in Kerrisdale. It seems gimmicky to me. N2 Creamery closed down in downtown and they didn’t last a year. And I didn’t go there either.

I am new on Yelp and Zomato to see how the food community is like and started it after creating the original blog in late August. Restaurants have been contacting me and people are adding me as a friend so it’s pretty cool. And other sources in the food community have been in contact with me as well. 🙂

I honestly do not take Yelpers very seriously since everyone has different tastes/levels of food. They all claim that they love food and know their food. But do they? That is a very subjective topic. There are the ghetto foodies, fine dining foodies, average foodies, food ranters, and of course there’s the foodies that receive a complementary tasting and will write a good review for the sake of promotion aka. being friendly.

For food reviews, I always go with the person’s profile to see what kind of foodie they are. If they are a ghetto foodie, I ain’t taking their review seriously. They don’t understand the craft of food. Everyone has different tastes.

I remember seeing bad reviews for The Mackenzie Room on Yelp and am so glad to have visited them. You can read about The Mackenzie Room, they are a farm-to-table concept restaurant.

Do you find online reviews helpful? We spend so much time researching online whether you’re looking for a recipe, booking a trip, banking, shopping or finding a place to eat.

Oh yes, here’s the disclaimer that I received the complimentary ice cream at IceQueen. Obviously, all opinions are my own. Until next time. 🙂
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