Hida Takayama Ramen Kingsway in East Vancouver

It’s no secret the ramen scene is expanding outside of Denman and Robson Street on the West End of Vancouver.  Hida Takayama Ramen recently opened a second location in East Vancouver. We never went to the original location on Robson and decided to check out the second location, which opened exactly last week. It is at 5615 Harold Street, near the London Drugs on Kingsway. It is literally tucked away on a small street.

We arrived on a mid-week evening at 7:30pm and when you opened the door, we noticed how tiny the place is. Think Ask for Luigi but ramen version, same limited seating. As for the atmosphere, there is no photo for it since it’s a simple ramen place with friendly, happy staff. It is beyond simple in terms of decor and we figure they want to focus on the food instead. This place around 30+ seats and is located in Renfrew-Collingwood and Killarney area in East Vancouver. This place has a good steady flow of traffic of customers.

When we got seated, we were too busy catching up on our exciting day and didn’t look at the menu. When the happy server came up to us, we asked what they recommended and he immediately suggested the white sesame ramen, which is Takayama Ramen’s original. You simply can’t go wrong with white sesame. Next was deciding on the small or large sized bowl. The server told us the difference is the amount of noodles and kindly showed up the bowl size.

My dessert queen enthuastically asked for the large and was surprised I got the small bowl. My reason for the small was that I had enjoyed a happy hour adventure earlier in the day. The server was smiling when I joked that she was pressuring me to get the large bowl. Who’s team is my dessert queen on?! Right?

My friend sat behind a speaker and the music was bothering her and she kindly asked if they can turn down the music a notch and they nicely did and understood. When the food arrived, we were excited to try the white sesame ramen. 🙂

The chashu isn’t my favourite compared to other ramen places in town. However, the noodles, broth and no MSG gets some points. They claim to handmake the noodles and are famous for the rich collagen soup.  I enjoyed the broth and it had a good amount of spice and flavour. The noodles had a good chewiness texture as well. Noodle texture is important. Remember the chewiness at ShangPin Beef Noodle House last week?! That place opened earlier this month too.

At the end of our ramen run, it’s not shocking that will we will ask for next … in our typical dessert queen ways, we asked if they had a dessert menu. 😛 Unfortunately, they do not offer anything for dessert so we ended up going to another place for the best ice cream in town. Here’s a hint: Think Fraserhood.

If you’re in the Kingsway area, Hida Takayama Ramen provides another ramen option without the hassle of going downtown or Richmond. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka also opened a second location on West Broadway sometime last month. Love that the ramen places are venturing outside of Robson Street. You can discover more on the Santouka trip we had.

Until next time.  Happy (early) Friday! 🙂

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