ShangPin Beef Noodle House in Riley Park & Little Mountain in Vancouver

Now that it`s March, it`s still soup season with the weather. Let`s hope for spring to show up so we can enjoy ice cream and the finer things in life.

My friend and I decided to check out a new Taiwanese place in town. ShangPin Beef Noodle House opened last month and is located at 4148 Main Street in the Riley Park & Little Mountain area of Vancouver. When we opened the door, we were the only customers since it was a Tuesday during rush hour so we had the honour of choosing to sit anywhere we wanted.

When a restaurant decor is visually appealing, I will take a photo of the place. If it’s not, I won’t. There’s no point of taking a photo for the sake of it. Who wants to see dining customers and an IRL (in-real-life) shot of the place? Trust me, it’s not a good photo to share with you guys. Quality > Quantity is always my philosophy.

Since the restaurant was empty just before the dinner rush, we got seated immediately. It was a good opportunity to start taking decor photos of this place and I started to snap photos of the place. The server noticed and asked if I needed anything and I told her I’m taking photos. She thanked me for taking photos and was super friendly and happy. Like happy to be working there. None of that fakiness you see at the chain restaurants. You know what I’m talking about. 😛

When we opened the menu, it’s a standard Taiwanese menu with noodle soup, appetizers/snacks, teas and of course bubble tea. Bubble tea is not high on my list since it`s often too overly sweet. I’m a stickler for bubble tea and asked the server what they recommended for a milk tea and got the taro coconut milk tea with no pearls. They delivered and the coconut in the taro drink had an extra zing at the end. The server asked how the bubble tea drink was and I told her she gave out a good recommendation. If you’re wondering, there is no photo since it’s not Insta-worthy – ha. But it was worth getting if you’re craving bubble tea. And I never crave bubble tea. If you want to talk about drinks, as in Starbucks, tea, juice and cocktails, I am so there! Remember my Kissa Tanto birthday (before it got famous) and my second visit at Kissa Tanto?! How about that autumn trip at Juniper? Or healthy juice trips to MELU Juice & Health Bar and Nectar Juicery.

Back to the food, we had the option of edamame beans or wakame seaweed to start. We got the wakame seaweed and next was selecting the main dish, the beef noodle bowl. Like most Taiwanese noodle places, you have the option to select thin or thick noodle. The both of us opted for the thick noodle and the server agreed it’s a good choice. If you want extra flavour in your soup, there is vinegar, chilli oil and soy sauce to add to your dish. The noodle bowl also comes with a small side of pickled vegetable.

When the beef noodle soup arrived, the first thing we noticed was the mega (not giant) soup spoon and we immediately wanted to see how many noodles were in the bowl.  As we explored the bowl, there was a generous amount of noodles inside the soup bowl. The shanghai boy choy and beef was tender and I felt like I was at home since my mom loves making beef brisket. The noodles are perfectly cooked and had the right amount of chewiness and that noodle texture – amazing!

Here’s a random observation: Apparently, there’s mouthwash in the washroom. Somehow my friend noticed and used it. I don’t have the details, sorry.

Until next time. Hope you have a great St. Patrick’s day weekend. <3

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