Dim Sum-body say Dim Sum with black truffle?! Chef Tony at Metrotown in Burnaby.

Dim sum is one of my favourite dining experiences. It’s like a typical foodie evening routine but it’s during the day with tea. You basically order everything off the menu and share. Remember sharing is caring! 🙂

If you haven’t read up on here, it’s pretty much the norm to order everything off the menu. We like to eat! I mean, we went to The Mackenzie Room for farm-to-table, Kimu Japanese Cuisine, having an epic weekend brunch at Jam Café, Korean at Sura Korean Royal Cuisine, Osteria Savio Volpe or constantly going to one of the best restaurants before they get really popular like, Kissa Tanto. Or getting invited to a juicery such as MELU Juice & Health Bar.

I was out for lunch with my 9-5 crew and someone stumbled upon Chef Tony Dim Sum at the Metrotown food court. We were contemplating to eat at the food court or restaurant and decided to give this dim sum food courting experience place a try.

I’ve never had dim sum at a food court before. But it’s not your typically fast food place. Chef Tony is a high-end Chinese restaurant in the Richmond area. I mean, this place has black truffle in its food and been opened for a month now in Burnaby.

Located at the Metrotown food court (FC-21, 348-4820 Kingsway) in Burnaby, Chef Tony Dim Sum serves conventional dim sum with a twist. When we arrived at noon, there was a line-up for the lunch rush on a Friday. We immediately opened the take-out menu and started to map out a game plan on what to order while waiting in line.

The first thing we noticed was the marinated chicken with black truffle sauce and stir-fried noodles with soy sauce. Then we saw the black truffle steamed mushroom dumplings. After that moment, we enthusiastically said that we’ll just order “everything truffle”, which was the theme of this trip.

And no, we do not order Har Gow aka. steamed shrimp dumplings. Instead we got the deep-fried black truffle and shrimp dumplings.

My favourites were the following:

  • Deep-fried tofu with spicy salt and pepper – Crispy on the outside and soft inside. Who doesn’t like tofu?!
  • Marinated chicken with black truffle sauce – Chicken was juicy and tender since it came with the bone. Good use of ingredients with the truffle, onion and herbs.
  • Deep-fried black truffle and shrimp dumplings – Crispy on the outside and you can taste the truffle with the shrimp paste. I have a shrimp dumpling problem.
  • Chinese donut stuffed with shrimp paste – I love Chinese donut. It had a side of mayo and mustard for dipping. There’s always something about a deep-fried pastry with mayo dipping sauce. Again, the crispy crunch is there and happening.

Tony Chef Dim Sum provides an option at the shopping mall food court. All of the dishes are designed to have a Western flair and the food is steamed in advance. The dim sum (mostly dumplings) is stored in a bamboo basket so the food may not be steaming hot by the time you grab a table at the food court.

I personally prefer the traditional dim sum experience but Chef Tony decided to do something different in the Chinese cuisine market in Vancouver.  Until next time. 🙂

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