Kimu Japanese Cuisine in Vancouver

Kimu Japanese Cuisine opened sometime last summer so it’s been around for six months now. I’ve been hearing good things about this place through friends and online so it’s been on the back burner for visiting.

Located at 4441 Boundary Road in the Renfrew-Collingwood area of Vancouver. This is a seriously a local hidden gem, especially in that part of town. I have visited Kimu twice within the same week earlier this month. On both visits, they had a mistake with the sushi order for some odd reason. However, the staff are super attentive and friendly. And there’s ample parking. When you walk in, it was a local feel and none of that hipster downtown vibes. It`s a casual, local and warm place.

Kimu Japanese Cuisine – interior shot

I really enjoy it when the restaurant is creative for food presentation. Insta-worthiness is very high on my list! Since we were in a foodie group setting, we ordered quite an extensive amount of food between the four of us. And we did not have any leftovers – HA.

My favourites were the following:

  • Sushi cake – it is definitely Insta-worthy with the pretty rose shaped salmon on top. We wanted the best of the best. It contains crab meat, avocado, shitake mushroom, salmon, spicy tuna, tobiko on sushi rice dough. I liked how they added the spicy mayo sauce, caper and garlic chips. For the ‘cake base’, it was on sushi rice. It was a tad soft and could have been more crispy. Apparently the sushi pizza is similar but the cake is the better item. Look at the ingredients on the sushi cake!
  • Aburi Sushi Combo – Six buttery lovely pieces with a light sear and smoky flavour on top. All of the pieces were mouth-watering and spot on. We had salmon, tuna, beef, and salmon belly. The salmon belly is amazing.
  • Aburi Beef Sashimi Don – There were eight mouth-watering seared beef sashimi, garlic chips, green onions with sesame mayo sauce and BBQ sauce on sushi rice bowl.
  • Wild Salmon Garlic Tai – Wild salmon, boiled garlic olive oil with ponzu sauce. The sauce went very well.
  • Dontoro Bites – Spinach and kimchi rolled with BBQ pork belly. Love the presentation!
Sushi cake – sashimi heaven
Aburi sushi combo
Aburi Beef Sashimi Don
Wild Salmon Garlic Tai
Dontoro bites – spinach and kimchi rolled with BBQ pork belly

We also had some classic items to test out the place as well.

  • Spicy Agedashi Tofu – Generous amount of tofu with the perfect amount of spicy sauce
  • BBQ Combo – Grilled chicken with rice, udon, salad, edamame, five pieces of tempura, along with a green tea ice cream. I have a green tea problem. Ex. IceQueen and Passion8 Cafe Dessert are a perfect example. There was a good amount of vegetables on the grilled chicken on rice.
  • Volcano Roll – Spicy tuna roll, pan-fried seafood with onion, tobiko, melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese on top, along with spicy mayo and BBQ sauce.
  • Salifornia Roll – Not pictured – deep fried California roll wrapped with salmon and BBQ sauce. I quite enjoyed the crispy salmon on the outside with a soft crab meat on the inside. Some people may not like that texture combo and may prefer soft with soft. 😉
  • Nigiri and Speciality Sushi Rolls – It was perfect!
Spicy Agedashi Tofu
BBQ Combo – grilled chicken on rice, udon, salad, edamame, and tempura

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On my second trip, we had some “sushi” friendly items for my other food friends, along with a condensed version of what we ordered from last time. We ordered the california, yam tempura and teriyaki chicken roll. I call these sushi items safe for a good reason! And sorry, there are no photos on here since they are quite sushi beginner safe.

I enjoyed dining at Kimu and going to a local place that serves good food in the neighbourhood. I can’t wait to try their lunch menu next time.

As for 2017, I wonder what place will meet my food elements list this year. If you’re wondering, here’s what I look for:

  1. Insta-worthiness
  2. Quality (not quantity)
  3. Details in ingredients (and the quality)
  4. Creativity and uniqueness
  5. Reasonable price point
  6. Local

Other places that have met the food elements in the past are:

Until next time! 🙂

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