I Scream for ice cream at IceQueen in Richmond

There’s always a good reason for ice cream. Maybe not this winter since it was actually wintery. Now that the snow is gone and vanished, we can move on and enjoy the finer things in dessert like ice cream. We saw all the nitrogen ice cream places pop up around here, along with snowy dessert. So what is next … apparently it’s ice fried ice cream. So what is ice fried? Here’s the stir-fried ice cream definition according to Wikipedia:

Stir-fried ice cream, ice pan ice cream, rolled ice cream or ice cream rolls is a hand made ice cream dessert made with milk poured on an iced grill, mixed with fruit or different ingredients on the ice-pan. It is an East Asian method of ice cream production.

I’ve noticed that IceQueen hasn’t been mentioned in the food world around here and decided to try it out. We were all curious. Is this place a hidden gem? Or this place decided to quietly open for two months? Why is no one talking about it? Is there something wrong with this place? What’s the mystery behind this place? We need food answers.

Located in Central Richmond, IceQueen serves ice fried ice cream and claims to be the first fried ice cream shop in the Metro Vancouver area.

If you are not familiar with Richmond, you will have difficulty finding this place. I actually avoid certain roads in Central Richmond for good reason. It is located on the new side of Aberdeen called, Aberdeen Square, not mall. There is a difference between the two malls. It’s literally right off the Aberdeen skytrain on the Canada Line. Here’s the address:2355 – 4000 No.3 Road, Richmond.

IceQueen storefront

For my first attempt, IceQueen was not opened on a mid-day afternoon. For my second attempt, I tried calling and no one picked up and it was directed to a personal cell phone. We decided to take the risk and go. I mean, if the place is closed for the second time, there’s always another dessert place since it is Richmond aka. lots of food options. We would be in a very good food situation if we were ever stuck. 😉

This place is not at the food court and has it’s own standalone store at the mall. However, it’s not a sit-down place so you’ll probably have to enjoy your ice cream at the food court upstairs on the 3rd floor or outside of the store. The dessert treat is a to-go one.

My friends got the Belgium chocolate and Thai tea ice cream. They were sold out on the mango ice cream since it’s a popular item. They do not make any of their ingredients in-house. The nice part about ice fried ice cream is that it does not melt fast like gelato but I LOVE the creaminess of gelato.

Thai tea ice cream

Here’s a tip: If you follow Ice Queen on social media, you can get a 10% discount. I followed them on Instagram. It’s no secret that I have an Instagram problem, especially when a food item has unique and quality ingredients such as Beta5 Chocolates. You can follow me on Instagram @carealot.

It was near closing when we arrived on a Thursday evening and there was one worker there. Since I have a matcha green tea problem, I got the green tea flavour. Here’s how they made the matcha green tea dessert as a visual:

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The matcha green ice cream also contained green tea flavoured Pocky, mochi, whipped cream, red bean and a macaron. All of those dessert elements I enjoy.

Matcha green tea ice cream

For this dessert run, I got beaten by not having the most Insta-worthy looking ice cream, which is a shocker. The Belgium chocolate ice cream wins with the teddy bear graham crackers, strawberry and the marshmallow on top.

Belgium chocolate ice cream

If you have been reading up on me, it’s no secret that I have a matcha green tea and dessert problem. You can read more about my stumble for nitrogen ice cream at Magicream or my Insta-worthy matcha green tea milky snowy run at Passion8 Dessert Cafe.

Until next time! 🙂
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  1. Cute! And the matcha one looks really good. Will have to check it out next time I’m over there. Thank you!

    1. We’re like hopping between cities for food recommendations. 🙂

      1. I love it. Great exchange of delicious food. Only Vancouver has so much more to offer than Seattle 🙂