Canada’s largest Gluten Free Expo event in Vancouver

As you may know, I’ve been blogging for four months so far. It’s been quite the adventure and super awesome! Since I am discovering a whole new food world in blogging. I have also discovered another (food) world on Yelp – Vancouver. I did not know that Yelp hosts official events in the city. Vancouver just got a new community manager on Yelp so I decided to attend for fun. I mean, all of these people love food just as much as we do. What else can you ask for. It’s a win-win, right?

The Yelp event was great and it was nice to meet other Yelp foodies. Yelp has kindly given complimentary tickets to the Gluten Free Expo for anyone that has a Yelp account in the Vancouver area. That’s the perks of being a foodie. I have discovered so much in four months!

So what is the Gluten Free Expo? And why Vancouver? Well, Vancouver has a lot of picky … I mean, selective food types so it is the perfect opportunity to have an event at the Vancouver Convention Centre on all things gluten free. There is no shortage of restaurants, that’s for sure.

The Gluten Free Expo event coming up this weekend. And according to the website, it’s the largest gluten free event in Canada. Here’s the claim on the website details:

Welcome to Canada’s largest gluten free event. Discover, sample, and save on hundred’s of Gluten Free Products while learning from leading experts.

I haven’t really paid attention to the gluten-free market since I am down for any kind of food … from hole-in-a-wall to casual to fine dining. As long I’m with good company and the place has friendly service, I will be happy. If the place is Insta-worthy aka. #foodporn level – it’s a bonus and extra points! 🙂

I’m curious about the gluten free market so I will check it out over the weekend. Maybe I will discover some new recipes, new food or meet some other foodies, you never know. I’m guessing the crowds will continue to get larger for this event every year as more people become more food/picky/selective/conscious eaters. Until next time! 🙂

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