La Mezcaleria aka. Mezcal Happy Hour in Gastown Vancouver

First off, happy new year! I’m not sure what food will bring into Vancouver in 2017 but we know it’ll be fun on a food level. Also, did I mention they opened another Snowy Village in Coquitlam on December 23rd?! That’s like a Christmas wish come true. All the snowy dessert places are popular, such as Passion8 on Cambie. We wanted to visit Snowy Village but it closed at 10pm so we opted to see pretty Christmas lights at Lafarge Lake. Pictures are on my Instagram if you want to check it out and are looking for something to do before winter is over.

2016 was a busy year for a blog newbie like me. Here is a place that I keep putting on the back-burner on here but highly recommend for Mexican in Vancouver. So here we go!

La Mezcaleria is one of my favourite happy hour spots in the Gastown area. Located at 68 East Cordova Street, they opened a second location sometime in July last year so it`s been opened for about six months now. I`ve been there a couple of times and it never disappoints. Apparently, the first location is on Commercial Drive.

Happy hour runs from Tuesday to Sundays from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. The happy hour menu is available online too. The staff are super friendly, fun and laid back. Definitely great atmosphere and food at Mezcal. This place is not loud so you can catch up with your friends and chat like civilized humans. I am a stickler when it comes to noise at a restaurant. You know the feeling when you`re shouting at your friends and not enjoying yourself because of the loud music or annoying people. It only takes one person to ruin it all for all of us. I mean, we got dressed up like adults and made an effort to go out. #amirite?

Mezcal interior at bar

There aren`t many good Mexican restaurants in Vancouver since we don`t have an adequate population. But this one lives up to my standards. I often compare Mexican food with the ones in San Diego. Only the real stuff. Mezcal is often regarded as one of the top Mexican restaurants in town and I would have to agree with the Vancouver critics in the foodie world.

Back to the food, since I`m a fan of lounge-type restaurants and not watered-down cocktails. I got the Paloma during happy hour. It is amazing! It`s a touch of Mexico in a cup. Here’s the ingredients: El Jimador Reposado, grapefruit soda, and lime with a nice salt rim.

Paloma – El Jimador Reposado, grapefruit soda and lime

They make the sauces in-house and often serve them in a trio. They have mild, middle and hot. The salsas have tons of flavour and are tangy. I did not touch the spicy ones but my friends enjoyed it. I went for the ‘boring’ mild salsa verde, which is the green one.

Housemade sauces

The flight of salsas is amazing. The Ceviche Callejero contains seasonal fish, tomato, lime, red onion, serrano and cilantro. It came with plenty of chips and soft tortillas. Again, love savoury food. The seafood is perfect along with the herbs.

Ceviche Callejero

Another item on the happy hour is the molten cheese fondue with chorizo. It is very cheesey and stringy and this is how cheese should be like at all times. This is a very popular item on the menu.

Queso Fundido – Cheese fondue

The Flautas de Barbacoa is worth getting as well. However, it’s not part of happy hour. It is a rolled up fried taco with braised lamb inside. It’s a light, crispy deep fried, and savoury lamb dish. I’m all about the savoury. The guacamole is spot on to dip with.

Flautas de Barbacoa – braised lamb rolled inside a fried tortilla

Sorry for the blurry image but the Flautas de Barbacoa is worth getting at $16. Also, the sautéed mushrooms with kale and corn is also good too, which is not pictured here. Kinda having too much fun that day. Gotta have better iPhone focus or bring my camera-camera for next time. 😉

I highly recommend this place for Mexican and enjoy the service and food here. There’s something about Mexican food and you don’t feel heavy after your meals. And it’s healthy, right?

Mezcal – interior shot

I haven`t tried the tacos before at Mezcal before but they are operated by the same people as La Taquería, which is a taco shop in the downtown area. It is an authentic place if you`re craving Mexican.

If you’re feeling a happy hour challenge for the new year, the hAppy hour at Bambudda Gastown is pretty good too. It’s within walking distance from La Mezcaleria. Most appetizers are half off and the cocktails are tasty! Bambudda`s hAppy hour is literally an hour and runs from 5:30pm – 6:30pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Gotta strategize how to order at the beginning and end of hAppy hour. You only get an hour. 😉

Dine Out Vancouver festival 2017 is coming up soon too. For those that have been living under a rock or visiting Vancouver. Here`s the description from the website:

Tourism Vancouver’s Dine Out™ Vancouver Festival is Canada’s largest annual food and drink festival, attracting over 100,000 local and visiting food enthusiasts to experience the city’s exceptionally diverse culinary scene.

The festival gives diners the opportunity to select from hundreds of restaurants each offering unique three (or more) course prix-fix meals at $20, $30 or $40 per person, many complemented by the Wines of British Columbia, and craft beer or cocktails.

Over the 17 days of the festival, a delicious schedule of culinary events allows festivalgoers to enjoy unique culinary experiences not available throughout the rest of the year. These can include guided dining adventures, brunch crawls, cooking classes and cocktail masterclasses, dinner and film pairings, debates, guest Chef lectures, BC VQA wine and craft beer tastings, street food markets and more!

Mark your calendars! Dine out Vancouver runs from January 20 – February 5, 2017.

I can`t wait to food hop! 2017 is looking good so far! Blog-nom on. 🙂

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