Sura Korean Royal Cuisine in the West End Vancouver

Sura Korean Royal Cuisine is one of my favourite authentic Korean restaurants in Vancouver. It’s been opened for a while and I keep coming back. Located in the West End at 1518 Robson Street. It’s a super friendly, polite and cozy place to check out. It was super busy and packed so no interior shot for this visit. The lineup on a weekday was an hour on a Friday afternoon, on a weekend just before new years.

It didn’t occur to me that Sura has a lunch special menu. What better way to end 2016 and enjoy it with good people. The Sura lunch special is full of Korean classics and includes dishes such as bulgogi, japchae and short ribs. It’s perfect if you’re into trying different Korean dishes.

It was magical since all the food kept on going! The quality and food preparation is totally worth the wait in line. It felt like you were eating quality Korean ‘all you can eat’ since we were trying so many dishes for this visit. We didn’t finish the food since we were so full! And we were running out of space at the table for the food. 😛

Below is the list of dishes from the website.

Dong–chimi / Green Salad / Yam Mousse / Tang–pyungchae / Galbi Jjim / Kimchi Pancake / Bossam / Jeyuk Bulgogi / Japchae / Mackerel Jorim / Mackerel Jorim / Doenjang / 3 kinds of Side-dishes / Korean Rice Punch

My favourites were pretty much everything. Here’s a list:

  • Galbi Jjim – Korean style braised beef short–ribs with carrots and daikon radish in hearty and spicy sauce. These ribs were perfect and slips right off the bone
  • Jeyuk Bulgogi – A Korean classic pork dish. It was pretty spicy so had to pair it with rice
  • Japchae – Lots of flavourful meat in the glass coloured noodle
  • Tang–pyungchae – Bean jelly – it was interesting with the tangy sauce
  • Tang-sooyuk – Korean-style battered pork with sweet and sour sauce
  • Kimchi Pancake – Good flavour and texture
  • Mackerel Jorim – Deep fried basa fillet
  • Bossam – The pork belly along with the pickled ginger … yum!
Green Salad
Bossam – Pork Belly
Jeyuk Bulgogi
Mackerel Jorim – deep fried basa fillet – SERIOUSLY.SO.GOOD.
Spicy goodiness in a pot
Three appy dishes
Squid salad
Tang Pyungche – Bean Jelly
Galbi Jjim – braised beef short rib
Tang Sooyuk – Korean-style battered pork with sweet and sour sauce

The squid salad was good as well. The crunchy, clear seaweed was a nice touch. Love the quality and detail in ingredients for every dish!

Well, this wraps up my food adventures for 2016. My most memorable top three food blog moments in 2016 are:

I can’t wait to read more about your adventures in the blogging world. It’s been a fun four months so far! All the best in 2017! <3

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