Fable diner …. brunch at Main and Broadway in Vancouver

We were craving brunch after all that bird eating and holiday drinks over Christmas. You can’t get enough of turkey, chicken and duck. However, you also can’t go wrong with brunch so we decided to have linner at 3:00pm, which is apparently a food trend word for 2016. So what is linner? Here’s the definition:

The meal between lunch and dinner, just as brunch is the meal between breakfast and lunch.

We decided to brunch at Fable Diner … not to be confused with Fable Restaurant in Kitsilano. It is run by the same owner. It opened sometime in July so it’s been around for about six months now. Located at 151 East Broadway in the Mount Pleasant area in Vancouver. We almost missed the place since it was in front of a very busy bus stop on Main and Broadway. All the passengers were covering the restaurant!

Fable Diner interior shot

When you open the door, it’s a bright and has a hip-diner vibe with the booth seating. We also saw a bar at the back (not pictured here). Since it was 3:00pm, there was no line-up and we immediately got seated. The servers are all friendly and our food arrived quickly. We ended up being twinsies and ordered the brunch special for the day. It was a sausage and egg in an chive biscuit. It came with a square hashbrown and sour cream with chive on top. We had the option for fries and trusted the server’s judgement since it was our first visit. We managed to get the last two hashbrowns for the day. 🙂

Brunch special

Since it was “linner” or really any excuse to enjoy food, we decided to share a milkshake. Sharing is caring! We had the option of a peanut butter chocolate with nutella whip and pretzel or vanilla banana with vanilla whip.

Peanut butter chocolate with nutella whip and pretzel

We opted for the peanut better chocolate with nutella whip and pretzel and totally loved it. The milkshake was amazing and so rich in flavour! You can taste the rich peanut butter with the chocolate and the nutella added was made to perfection. The pretzel at the top was a nice touch for that extra savoury crunch. It’s the best milkshake I have encountered in Vancouver. Most milkshakes don’t have rich flavour but this one does! YAS!

When we were paying, they had an interesting app called, GlancePay. It’s a PayByPhone for restaurants and you take photo of your bill and you pay with your phone. You don’t have to wait for the debit/credit machine from the restaurant anymore. We asked the server about it and apparently it’s run by the same people as PayByPhone, which is the app used by the City of Vancouver and Seattle. GlancePay was offering a $10 discount for new customers so we decided to give it a try since it was trustworthy. The server was so kind and even splitted the bill in half after giving us the bill so we each get a $10 off so double discount … $20 off on this visit! I think the app has a points system to lure you in for a next visit.

I believe Jam Café is the holy grail of brunch for 2016. You can read about that adventure and all it’s greatness with many photos! The Breakfast Table is also a new place that opened around 2-3 months ago as well.

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  1. I really want to try their milkshakes! Also that biscuit sounds delish!

    1. You should do it! What better way to start 2017 with a rich milkshake. ?

  2. I love a good brunch meal. That hashbrown and milkshake looks insane!

    1. They need brunch 24/7. And all the milkshakes! ?