West Coast farm-to-table magic at The Mackenzie Room in the Downtown Eastside, Vancouver

It’s my favourite time of the year … the holiday season and spreading cheer!

My friend went to The Mackenzie Room the night before and was so impressed and went again the next day. This time with me included! 🙂

The Mackenzie Room is located at 415 Powell Street in the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver. It is a casual West coast dining place that won’t disappoint and opened sometime last summer. When you walk-in, there’s a rustic and casual feeling inside.

Initially, my friend wasn’t convinced with the online reviews but you have to remember that everyone has different levels of appreciation of food. Some don’t know what they’re talking about … some don’t understand … some think that they’re an expert if they’re a paying customer. 😛

Anyways, I won’t get into that here, just because. Back to the food …

They have a “I want it all” option so it was a no brainer, especially with our food adventure habits. You know what I’m talking about. 😉

The “I want it all” Menu

We literally ordered everything on the food menu, plus a cocktail punch bowl! Here’s the photos with the descriptions. You be the judge if you’re convinced. Pay attention to the ingredients in the food.

Punch Bowl (bourbon, dark rum, apple, lime, ginger beer and violette)
Showstopper Salad (Farmer’s cheese, Pistachio Vinaigrette)
Veggies from the Garden (Bagna Cauda, Gremolata)
Rockfish Crudo (Whey, Chia Creme Fraiche, Green Grape)
Chicken of the Sea (Sea Urchin Pate, Ink Brioche, Hazelnut, Pear)
Lamb & Grits (Braised Neck, Tongue, Hop Oil, Cherry Vinegar)
Humbolt Squid with Mussels (Dill, Parsnip, Beurre Blanc)
Corned Beef Brisket (Tomatillo Relish, Yam Fritter, Stout Mustard)
Carolina Gold Rice (Sage, Sunchoke Cream, Mushroom, Lemon Oil)
Beef Heart Tartare (Pickled Cabbage, Blueberry, Puffed Tendon)
Chocolate Buttermilk Cake (Foie Gras Ice Cream, Cocoa, Bourbon, Chilli)
Dill + Creamcheese Sponge (Grape-Mezcal Ice Cream, Almond, Apple)

This is the kind of place where you can literally order everything on the menu. Of course you can be selective and pick and choose your dishes. I highly recommend going with the “I want it all” option if you have a group of four people. Exactly four, not any less or more. The food is the same portion, we asked for research purposes. 😉

However for the punch bowl drink, you can choose the number of people. We had a group of four and ordered for three people.

My food favourites were:

  • Punch bowl – they know how to make cocktails
  • Veggies from the Garden – loved the almond and artichoke dip
  • Showstopper Salad – the cheese on the bottom and pistachio vinaigrette is unforgettable
  • Carolina Gold Rice – the flavour in the mushroom along with the rice was fantastic
  • Humbolt Squid with Mussels – the squid was made to perfection
  • Dill + Creamcheese Sponge – the ingredients were spot-on

All the food is Insta-worthy! I did not edit any of the photos on my iPhone 6s. And they had dim restaurant lighting inside too. If you have a passion for food – not just eating tasty food but have an appreciation on food is made and the creativity behind it, this is your kind of place …perhaps, a food for thought conversation.

Everyone is super friendly, fun and understands food. Not only they know what’s in the dish. They know where the food came from. So impressive. That level of detail is appreciated if you love food. From amazing cocktails to stunning plates. I have all the photos here from our evening posted here. That already speaks volumes.

This place meets my food element criteria of 6/6. If you want to know what 100% means to me, you can check out my Beta5 Chocolates posting from last month.

To recap, here’s the food elements on what I look for:

  1. Insta-worthiness
  2. Quality (not quantity)
  3. Details in ingredients (and the quality)
  4. Creativity and uniqueness
  5. Reasonable price point
  6. Local

If you can’t find The Mackenzie Room, it’s literally across from the infamous Oppenheimer Park in the Downtown Eastside. Don’t worry about your car, just park in a well-lit street and use your common sense. It’s so worth going, especially when they support the local community and have creativity, thoughtful, and delicious food. They also were on The Georgia Straight’s  2016 Golden Plate Awards and came second as Top New Restaurant in Vancouver.

They also on Meal Share, below is the description on the Meal Share‘s website. It’s super cool they are on the Meal Share program.

Mealshare allows you to provide a meal to a youth in need, just by ordering a Mealshare menu item from one of our partner restaurants. #Buy1Give1


It’s always nice to find a place that brings a warm feeling inside your heart and tummy. I can’t wait to visit The Mackenzie Room again. 🙂 They switch their menu on a seasonal basis too.

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