Chicken and beer – KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) style at Cocoru in Central Richmond

Cocoru, located at 8391 Alexandra Road in Central Richmond. I have to admit, I do not like visiting Central Richmond, mainly because you cannot find parking and of course the terrible drivers on the road. But sometimes you have to visit since all the food is there along Alexandra Road. For this visit alone, I think LA Chicken got dethroned in Richmond by Cocoru.

When you walk-in, you’ll notice the nerd factor in there with figurines and it seems like they are a fan of DC Comics since there are mounted wall-art display pictures. Where’s the love for Marvel?!

Nerd wall-art display

Surprisingly, they had a good selection of local beer and they were decently priced. We started with the deep-fried rice cake. It had a rating of two spicy and had the right amount of spiciness. The Korean-style spicy sauce is one that I can tolerate and love since it’s spicy and sweet at the same time. The deep-fried rice cake had the perfect amount of chewiness and crunch.

Deep-fried rice cakes

The deep-fried chicken is made to order as it came crispy and hot. So hot that the chicken inside had steam coming out. Everything we ordered was half portion since we were a party of two. We did not have a lot of time to eat since we were a walk-in as well. We didn’t order french fries, poutine, corn or tacos. It didn’t look interesting enough.

Local beers

We only went for the classics with a glass of local beer in hand (or guessed which ones were the classics) anyway!

The snowfall chicken is a must if you love cream and cheese and all that heavy goodness. The snowfall is a deep-fried chicken with Bechamel sauce and Grana Parana cheese. And I LOVE CHEESE. The crispy skin on the chicken on the outside isn’t as crispy as Church’s or LA Chicken. It’s all about the crunchiness of the skin, right?

Snowfall Chicken

When you take a bite out of the inside, it’ll be full of steam since it’s straight out of the kitchen. The inside has a tenderness and of course it’s meaty. Definitely ordering the snowfall chicken again!

Since we got a creamy dish, we wanted to try a dry dish and decided to order the Soy Garlic flavour chicken. When it arrived, we immediately liked the crispy garlic chips.

Soy Garlic Chicken

This place is super clean as well! There is a steady pace of customer with almost no lineups since takes reservations, which is a bonus.

We had less than 1.5 hours since they had a reservation right before and we were a walk-in. They did ask if it was ok with us and we were fine since it was just the two of us. They were quick and seem to really care about service and extra attentive. This is the kind of place where you catch up with friends in a group on a casual evening.

Near the end of the allotted time, the servers were checking on our table from a distance but did not approach us until we were ready to leave, even though they knew they had to clear our table right away. Talk about patience and good service!

What I like about this place is the service and politeness. They don’t rush you to leave and give you the bill, like most places on a busy weekend. And no we didn’t order tasty flavored soju that evening. I blame the time constraint and not making a reservation ahead. 🙂
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  1. Cocoru says:

    Love you blog! Glad to hear that you enjoyed our chicken!