Passion8 on Cambie – Dessert in Vancouver ?

Another dessert place opened in Vancouver. I ain’t complaining. ?

It was the weekend of a BC storm but we wanted to grab dessert at a cafe on a windy, rainy Saturday afternoon. Passion8 Dessert Cafe is located at 3010 Cambie Street and recently opened earlier this month. Four weeks ago to be exact, according to the cashier/server.

If you’re a food creeper like myself, you can view a full list the of the menu on Passion8‘s website. You must know what you’re getting yourself into before going to a place!

In addition to the nitrogen ice cream places popping up, there’s also shaved ice desserts opening as well. This time it’s Korean bingsoo.

According to Wikipedia, this is the definition on Korean bingsoo.

Korean bingsoo is literally red beans with ice. It is a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and Azuki beans. The snack is highly popular in Korea.

When you walk into the cafe, it is spacious, comfortable, modern and hipster-like. This is a cute, little Korean cafe shop in the Cambie Village area.


I have a matcha problem so the Matchacha bingsoo bowl was a must. It also comes in an another (smaller) option, a cup … but we always go all out on food adventures so we can share! The bowl is the way to go. 🙂

My friend selected the Nutella Choco toastery since you can’t go wrong with chocolate and hazelnuts. They also serve coffee, espresso, lattes and teas to go with your dessert. And the server was super friendly and nice when we were deciding on what to order.

Passion8 serves snowy, shaved milk, not ice. The shaved milk is nice, snowy and the texture is creamy like ice cream. We have seen shaved ice, which I dislike entirely because when the ice starts to melt and goes into your food toppings, it’s not great anymore. It’s like having melted ice cream. There is a shaved ice cream place in town that opened last year as well.

Matchacha bowl for sharing

The Matchacha contains red bean, rice cake, sliced almond and a dried orange slice at the top for presentation. We really enjoyed the snowy, creamy milk along with the savoury matcha, red bean and rice cakes inside. The roasted sliced almonds was a nice touch. All those savoury flavours is a big YES!

The Nutella Choco toastery is a pastry with rice cake on toasted bread. I have a weakness for warm and flaky pastries so I was curious. It was warm, nicely toasted with a puff pastry with the flaky layers. It contains chunks of chocolate, marshmallow, pecans, whipped cream with a drizzle of chocolate on top. If you love chocolate, you should go for the Nutella.

Nutella Choco Toastery

All the dessert meets Insta-worthiness for presentation and tastes fantastic. The dessert isn’t overly sweet and rich.

It meets 4.5/6 of the elements in what I look for in food – the reasonable price point was missed on this one. After talking with my friends and reading about it online, there is a clear concensus about the price. The uniqueness factor got half a mark off since shaved desserts have been here for a while now. However, it is a shaved snowy milk place so your food does not melt as fast.

If you want to know what 6/6 = 100% means to me, you can read about my Beta5 Chocolates adventure.

I can’t wait to try the Mangobongo bowl next time. And I love the names on the menu. I have an obsession with matcha and mango. Mmmmm YES!

I would definitely go there again because of the #foodporn Insta-worthiness and you can’t say no to delicious dessert! They know what they’re doing. It is a good place to sit and read or catch up with friends on an afternoon. Until next time! 🙂

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  1. elle says:

    Wow…that all looks insanely good. I’ve noticed that the food scene in Vancouver has been changing so much lately. I don’t think it would’ve been easy to find this sort of place even just a few years ago. I’ve noticed a lot more Taiwanese joints popping up as well. Plus, Japanese food is no longer all about sushi…the number of new ramen places (with their long, long lineups) is hard to keep up with! I kind of love it. Makes Vancouver even more fun!

    1. The Vancouver food scene is so different, even from last year. There’s so many options now. You used to visit Richmond for those Taiwanese places and now they’re sprinkling throughout the Lower Mainland. I’ll be curious how it unfolds after a couple of years since the cost of running a business is so high due to the unaffordability issue.

      1. elle says:

        Exactly! And it’s not just restaurants either. I used to go all the way to Richmond for Taiwanese grocery stores as well (they sell a lot of healthy veggie food), but now even the downtown T&T has done a major overhaul and sells a lot more Taiwanese products. Overall, downtown is getting much more metropolitan and things are really shifting. It’s very curious and fun to observe!

  2. Mm I’ve had more shaved snow this past summer than I ever did before. Can’t believe I’ve wasted so many years not having it!

    1. Me too. It makes me want to get my own ice/snow shaver at home. Foodie fun!