Cocktail Crawl at TUC Craft Kitchen in Gastown

It was a food outing at a restaurant and bar in Gastown – this time at TUC Craft Kitchen. It is pronounced “tuck” and not toque to make it official. 🙂

Located at 60 West Cordova Street in Vancouver. I’ve been there for brunch and it’s one of the best places. This time we were there for dinner and it’s one of the original places in Gastown for cocktail drinks. The bartender, Ryan knows how to make a good cocktail.

I always look forward to taking photos at TUC since they have dark wood furnishing, which makes it an excellent for Instagram and food blog photos! 😉

My friend highly recommended the coffee & cigarettes cocktail, which I was also highly skeptical since both of those flavours are not in my taste palette. It sounded so smoky – HA.

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Coffee & Cigarettes – Laphroaig, Amaro Motenegro, espresso and xocolati bitters

The c&c contains Laphroaig, Amaro Motenegro, espresso, and xocolati bitters. It is a well-thought food formula and has a smoky flavour to it. It is a fun drink to taste over an evening with friends. It is in the after dinner drinks menu.


Next drink I had was an Old Fashioned, which is a cocktail classic. If I’m ever in the unknown at a cocktail place, my default drink to test out a place. You can go wrong with whiskey with muddling sugar with bitters and a twist of citrus rind! A classic, classic!

Another popular drink is the Flowers for Algernon, which contains Odd Society Wallflower gin, St. Germaine, grapefruit, and lavender. Some of my friend has those to drink that evening.

We shared the following plates: The Elk Saltimbooca is new on the dinner menu for the month of October and it was meaty delicious. It has Peace River Elk, smoked prosciutto, basil, fresh mozzarella, garlic confit potatoes, and duxelle foam. Oh those ingredients in that dish!!

We also shared the bone marrow popcorn in our group. I’ve seen bone marrow as as a main dish before but never served as an appetizer and in popcorn. Instead of butter, they used bone marrow to add for flavouring. It added an extra meaty flavour in the popcorn.

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  1. Elk Carpaccio sounds interesting.. I’ve never had elk before