Beta5 Chocolates birthday aka. the best place for cream puffs in Vancouver

Beta5 Chocolates was celebrating their 5th anniversary on October 1st over the weekend.

I absolutely love Beta5 so I wanted needed to go. I’ve been going there since the beginning. There’s endless options for chocolate places out there but Beta5 always make me want to come back for more. I always have an eagle eye to see what they’re up to!

Beta5 Cream Puffs – Birthday (with chocolate balloons – limited edition), Raspberry Earl Grey (Pink Chocolate) and Pina Colada (black) Cream Puffs

They have all the elements on what I look for in food.

  1. Insta-worthiness
  2. Quality (not quantity)
  3. Details in ingredients (and the quality)
  4. Creativity and uniqueness
  5. Reasonable price point
  6. Local

Beta5 totally nailed it and the cream puffs are the best in the world and are so creamy and light. It’s worth the visit. I like Beta5’s cream puffs over those overly sweet, rich, fancy cakes. You know the ones that people tend to indulge in.

When you walk into the shop, you can smell the cream puff shells. They are perfectly fresh and crispy. And ever-so pretty!

Since it was Beta5’s birthday celebration, they had a special birthday cream puff available. I grabbed two – one for myself, one for my mom. Also grabbed a Raspberry Earl Grey and Pina Colada cream puff to even things out.

The birthday puffs are perfect! It’s a lovely vanilla custard with whipped vanilla ganache, confetti cupcake, chocolate balloon. ? If only, they have them all year around! I can only wish.

Birthday cream puff on October 1st – limited edition

I like my food on the savoury side so my favourite cream puff of all time is the Raspberry Earl Grey Cream Puff. If I had to describe myself in a cream puff, it’ll be that one.

The raspberry earl grey contains a raspberry mousse, an earl grey custard and vanilla chantilly cream. It’s sweet, classic and not overly done. I love all those flavours. This cream puff is part of their Signature Cream Puff Collection. So yay!

Raspberry Earl Grey Cream Puff – my favourite!
Enjoying a Raspberry Earl Grey Cream Puff at home

They also have seasonal flavours for the enthusiasts like myself. This summer they had the pina colada cream puff, which contains coconut ash choux, pineapple curd, coconut lime whipped ganache and a black chocolate ring on top. The have limited edition flavours such as coconut passion, almond praline, and blueberry lavender, just to name a few. It changes by season.

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The chocolate bars are amazing and fully meet expectations. I also like the ice cream sandwiches as well. It’s so rich in flavour. I always have to share since it’s very sweet.

For the sweet tooth people out there, maybe you don’t have to share. 😉 I haven’t tried the eclairs. Perhaps next time.

Peppermint Candy Cane Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich –     limited edition during the holidays

If you love Insta-worthy dessert, art and want to indulge on food. YOU HAVE TO GO. SERIOUSLY. We’re so lucky that it’s readily available in Vancouver. 🙂

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