Shops and dining at 12 South in Music City aka. Nashville

Sorry for the late post. If you recall, I was in Nashville last month. Since it was my first time there, I was expecting a full-on country music trip and visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and Music City Walk of Fame. Pretty much a walk along the entertainment district, looking at cowboy hats and boots – so touristy.

I didn’t know what to expect in Nashville since it was my first time. My American relatives totally toured us around. I ended up visiting the Jack Daniel’s distillery (and getting IDed) on my birthday, which I previously talked about.

This trip also included snacking on Moon Pies, visiting a dry county, eating ribs and pulled pork along with macaroni and cheese and baked beans and going to Sprinkles and getting a fresh cupcake dispensed from an ATM. Talk about going through various activities such in a limited time.

A fresh coconut lemon cupcake on my birthday at the Sprinkles ATM

If you’re ever in Nashville, Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint is a MUST for Southern BBQ food. I will never eat BBQ food in Vancouver ever again. After having it in Nashville, it’s not the same anymore. It is the real deal in the South.

Martin’s BBQ joint – Pulled pork shoulder with macaroni and cheese and baked beans

The pulled pork shoulder is amazing and I will never forget.

On a side note (pun intended): The macaroni and cheese and baked beans were perfect with the right amount of sauce. Also enjoyed sipping on RC Colas, which is a Southern pop/soda brand. Instead of napkins, there’s rolls of paper towels on the table. That’s the norm. Everything from the menu is fresh.

RC Colas with the twist cap

My family also took me to a Tennessee Titans scrimmage at Nissan Stadium in the 91 degree heat on my first day. We walked into the stadium and followed the no bag policy. And no, I did not see Carrie Underwood’s hockey husband, Mike Fisher. He’s a NHL hockey player. Being from Vancouver, we are hockey fans!

Nissan Stadium – Clear bag Policy sign
Nissan stadium on a hot summer day

Those were some of the highlights during the first two days in Nashville. On the third day, they took me to the food and fashion district, 12 South, where you can eat, drink and shop. The shops are Southern styling with blocks of restaurants you can choose to dine at.

We dined at Josephine’s (2316 12th Ave South), which is modern American with some sophistication. It’s a trendy, high-end place. When I opened the menu, I noticed that the flavours were South-based and they didn’t name the dish on the menu. They only listed out the ingredients. They use ingredients such as sweet corn and Old Bay crumb.

Since I have a dumpling and Italian food problem. I opted for the sweet corn ravioli, mushrooms, and herbs. The fettuccine dish looked good as well.

Dining at Josephine’s

After dinner, we went next door for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (2312 12th Ave South) for dessert. They had some classic flavours  along with infused flavours such as sweet corn with raspberry and lemon pudding and saltine gravel. In Vancouver, most of the infused flavours are tea based such as earl grey or green tea matcha. I have an addiction for both.

I got the salted caramel on the top and Atlantic Beach Pie at the bottom. And yes, ice cream order matters! The Atlantic Beach Pie was a lemon tart  along with saltine crackers in an ice cream form. It was an unique combo so decided to give it a try. Apparently it is based on a classic Southern pie.

Jeni’s ice cream – Salted Caramel (top), Atlantic Beach Pie (bottom)

The food scene in Nashville is slowly booming. 12 South includes some of the coolest and trendiest bars, restaurants, and shops in Nashville. Reese Witherspoon has a cute store, which reminds me of Kate Spade. I love Kate Spade!

12 South reminds me of an upcoming mini version of hipster Yaletown in Vancouver.

There’s also another food area in Nashville, the Germantown neighbourhood – which we didn’t get around during this trip. For next time, maybe we will drive along the South to Memphis or a visit to Kentucky to the Jim Beam distillery. So many excellent (food) options in the South! 🙂

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