Korean-Mexican fusion at TAKO in Vancouver

TAKO is a new Korean-Mexican fusion casual and take-out restaurant that opened last month. It reminds me of K-town in LA since it’s so popular there. It finally arrived in Vancouver. However, Mexican is always overpriced here. TAKO is located at 601 Expo Boulevard, next to the Stadium skytrain station and near Tinseltown (International Village)

It’s definitely smaller portion if you compare it to Chipotles. The service is average and there’s a limited amount of seats. You cannot go there hAngry. It’s best to go there if you’re not totally hungry. It’s more of a place to try out if you’re in the area.

We tried the Korean Poutine which was flooded with cheese and Korean sweet sauce on top and underneath it had kimchi, bulgogi beef, chives and french fries. See photos below on the amount of sauce!

Also tried the bulgogi burrito and it was a bibimbap in a wrap without the egg. The bulgogi burrito was delicious with rice, kimchi and marinated beef. If you were to try a food item out of the bunch, definitely try a burrito.

Seems like burrito/wraps/fusion places are starting to pop up this fall. There’s also Pokérrito that opened in the downtown area. Pokérrito is a sushi wrap place and no, they do NOT have a PokeStop.

Bulgogi burrito
Korean poutine
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  1. Korean poutine sounds interesting but yea that is a shitload of sauce!

  2. elle says:

    I’m so glad you visited my blog so that I could discover yours! I have come across some other bloggers covering Vancouver restaurants, but a lot of them are out in Richmond, Burnaby, and that sort of thing. I love that you’re exploring a bunch of places in the downtown area closest to where I am. Love it! Haha

    1. Love your blog! It’s refreshing to read up on what everyone is up to. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. ?