Ice cream is magical with nitrogen in Vancouver


Seems like ice cream is the “sweet” topic in Vancouver these days. We stumbled upon a new ice cream shop in Kerrisdale on a sunny Saturday afternoon walk.

Magicream is (another) nitrogen ice cream shop, which opened on Saturday, August 26th and they offered 20% off for every order as part of the grand opening. The ice cream is freshly made with liquid nitrogen. Does that dessert combo sound familiar? 😉

When we arrived, we noticed the menu and there is a three-step process:

  1. You select your ice cream base (premium base or sorbet)
  2. You pick out the flavour
  3. Add your toppings


However, there were many choices – 40+ flavours and over 40 toppings. Quite the selection! You can choose from the classic, cookie & cake, nutty and fruity ice cream flavours. Next is deciding on the toppings from the following categories: candy, cookies & cakes, fruits, nuts, bubble jellies and syrups. So many options!

The process at Magicream – decisions, decisions

MagiCream offers many options so good luck creating your perfect combo. It is a tad daunting if you’re undecided on your toppings. We were a little overwhelmed at first so be “ice cream prepared” if you plan to visit. Also, be sure to spend $20+ between two people if you don’t get the regular/tiny size and plan on getting at least two toppings. Every topping/flavour/option/decision will add up!

Medium size – Matcha green tea with syrup and mango star (left) | Regular/tiny size – Black sesame with mochi and macaron (right)

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