Back in town for Italian-Japanese fusion at Kissa Tanto

Supper menu – love the little details. Sharing is caring. 🙂

Remember what I said about not being in town for my actual birthday … well, I am back!

Finding a restaurant for your birthday is a challenge I take seriously. For those that know me, it has to reflect me = sophisticated  and trendy. 🙂

Kissa Tanto is a new Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant in the heart of Chinatown – Vancouver and it opened exactly 18 weeks ago. (Yup, I asked for research purposes.)

“Kissa” is an old Japanese word for cafe and “Tanto” is Italian for “a lot”.

Chinatown is opening more fusion places these days. You simply don’t to go Chinatown to get Chinese food anymore. That is a thing of the past. It reminds you Vancouver is a fantastic food city with many hidden gems. In foodie style, we had to try it out and were very impressed.

I love the atmosphere and modern décor – Asian-inspired with a dash of jazz retro.

Since it was my birthday, I wanted to celebrate with sparkling wine and got the Oasis on the Ginza – a Brut version of a mojito. It was very refreshing on a summer day.

Oasis on the Ginza

We noticed the little details when we opened the menu and enjoyed the sayings such as “Thank you for coming. You look perfect. Now please look inside …”- it just shows you that they put a lot of thought into the restaurant concept.

We started with the Fritelli di Melanzane, a garlic eggplant fritter, yuzu gribiche, basil and bonito salt, shaved katsuo. With food, I truly believe that sharing is caring and loved that the words were on the menu. Right underneath was the Millefoglio Tonkatsu and I selected that dish. That was our “Japanese” dish. We selected the Tajarin as the “Italian” dish – you can’t go wrong with pasta.

Next is dessert, right? We ended with the yuzu cream – a delicious dessert with raspberries, pistachio cream and olive oil crumble. So amazing!

Yuzu cream

Kissa Tanto is an amazing place. Be sure to check it out before you have to line up to get in (or it becomes too popular). It is a cozy 80 seat place. And yes, sharing is caring. 🙂

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    1. We were surprised how it looked too! It looked very healthy. Trust me, it was dessert. 😉

  1. That cocktail looks amazing! The whole meal really! Glad you had such a quality birthday night out!